Radio Elvis returns with the second album "These Boys"


Three guys of Radio Elvis could take a big head. So, think of the first album of 2016, crowned with the victory of music in 2017 in the release of album albums, especially "Solarium"

But Pierre Guénard (vocals and guitars), Manu Ralambo (electric guitar and bass) and Colin Russeil (drums-keyboards) have their heads on their shoulders. The trophy gave them fresh impetus and greater freedom:

"We wanted to find out who we were real, without a mask, without hiding behind many images, without hiding behind signs that do not necessarily fit us." We are really talking about our personal stories in this record "
Pierre Guénard

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For "The Boys", three radio Elvis decided to surprise: "Colin, instead of playing drums, went to the piano, Manu went to the piano instead of guitar explains Pierre Guénard, and I started playing the piano instead of the guitar, which has created many lucky accidents. " The practice that gives the front page to the album confirms Colin: "It's related to this method of emergency, but also because we went to the basics." The result is a pop rock album, marked with a certain nostalgia, as the first single eponymous.


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