New Promising Help for Victims of Drops – November 16, 2013




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A new treatment of the victim of a stroke is being tested

Researchers at the CNRS, the University of Caen in Normandy, the Paris-Est Créteil University and OTR3 are working on a new approach to aiding the victims of stroke, a treatment that would help sensory and motor loss from stroke.

In France, about 150,000 people suffer each year. Hod is the leading cause of disability in adults and the second leading cause of death in France.

Most of these strokes are due to occlusion of cerebral arteries with blood clots. The only way to prevent the death of neurons because they are deprived of oxygen is to eliminate this clot. This operation is only possible during the first hours after a stroke, which can only treat a minority of patients.

With this, the team, led by the CNRS researcher Myriam Bernaudin, decided to explore the new path and was interested in the cellular environment, also called the extracellular matrix. The matrix serves as support for cells. When the drop comes, it breaks a matrix that strengthens neuronal death.

A group of researchers injected into a rat an agent that is similar to the components that structure the cell matrix. This drop-injected agent proved to be effective as it enabled the protection and reconstruction of the matrix that was affected. This agent has helped to stimulate the development of new neurons and stimulate the recovery of sensory and motor functions.

For a moment that is being tested only in rats, this promising route should be subject to pilot clinical trials by the end of 2019.


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