Saturday , July 24 2021

Loto FDJ result on Wednesday, July 21, 2021: online draw

The week continues in the stifling heat of summer 2021. This Wednesday, July 21, 2021, look for the result of the Lotto draw from 20.50, before that try your luck by playing the net before 20.15. Full results will be available later in the evening, good luck!

Update 21.07.2021 at 22.00: today’s draw took place without a millionaire

No millionaire in the Lottery draw this time. However, with more than 500,000 winning cards, the lucky one is the one who won more than € 159,000 by searching for 5 correct numbers, but without a lucky number. The next Lotto draw on Saturday 24 July 2021 will offer a jackpot of € 3 million.

In the last draw, on Monday, July 19, 2021, more than 500,000 nets were obtained. The winning combination from numbers 2, 3 and 4 was successful for the players and one of them, the lucky one. even got a jackpot for $ 3 million. With the five correct numbers found, another player won € 121,000, and the jackpot of the 2nd draw of € 100,000 also found a player. So the start of the week has started very well for Lot’s players, will he know the same tonight for the players in the draw this Wednesday, July 21st?

Tonight you will be able to play one or more nets before 8.15pm. The game options remain the same as usual and you will be able to play tables online or at the point of sale in just a few minutes.

Play the Lotto Network this Wednesday, July 21, 2021: what steps should you follow?

Enrolling in the Lottery draw is definitely one of the easiest things to do. You can confirm yours in three steps and in just a few minutes participation in the draw this Wednesday, July 21, 2021 without incident.

  1. Log in to your account (or open an FDJ account here) in seconds. If you wish, you can visit the FDJ point of sale.
  2. Deposit at least EUR 5 into your account with a credit card. You will also have the option to play only one net for € 2.20.
  3. Choose your favorite numbers or leave it to chance by flash. You will need to mark at least 5 numbers and a Chance number to validate a simple grid.

Friday, August 13, 2021 € 13,000,000 and time min sec Play

The result of the Lottery FDJ draw this Wednesday, July 21, 2021: online winning combination at 20.50.

The winning combination of the main Lottery draw will be known on Wednesday night around 20.50. In the program for this new evening, from 21:00 you will have the opportunity to discover different types of intermediate wins, as well as ten Lotto codes and another winning combination of 2d draw options.

Today, Wednesday, July 21, 2021, find results in full from 20.50 and all 100% free.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lotto FDJ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the amount of the Lotto jackpot in play this Wednesday, July 21, 2021?

The all-new Loto jackpot will start playing this Wednesday night for $ 2 million. The result of this draw will follow from 20.50.

Until when can we play the Lotto network today?

You can play the lottery network until 20.15 online or at the point of sale. The draw for this Wednesday, July 21, will not escape this rule, the price of the network remains set at 2.20 euros.

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