Saturday , July 24 2021

“I reject the sinking and breaking of French society”

EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE – The presidential candidate condemns “migratory laxity”, “insulting Islamic leftism” and “fantasies about transhumanism”.

THE FIGURE. – Emmanuel Macron extended the use of the medical card. Is it necessary?

Xavier BERTRAND. – I requested this measurement from the Delta version acceleration. I will certainly not condemn him today. Because the goal is to protect life and get back to normal through vaccination. What is even more dramatic, however, is the lack of preparation for implementation both in hospitals and in catering, culture or shops.

We cannot relieve ourselves of the burden of enforcing such decisions for companies without establishing transitional periods and without a clear framework, especially with regard to the control of health cards. And add some amazing penalties for employers! As if the government has learned nothing from its mistakes on masks, tests, and the start of vaccinations.

What do you think of this intervention beyond Covid?

Operetta voluntarism forward

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