Saturday , July 24 2021

Emma Bunton is married: a dazzling Spice Girl in her short dress, elegant Jade Jones

If the marriage of both musicians has been postponed over and over again for the past 15 years, it’s because the couple has had ups and downs. In 23 years of love, they separated several times, only to find each other better and strengthen their relationship. Together, they lead a rather small family with two very happy sons, Beau (born in 2004) and Tate (born in 2011). After an interrupted first engagement attempt in 2006 and a second in 2011, the couple decided to finally pull the noose around their necks in 2020, but this time the plan was thwarted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We don’t know much about the wedding ceremony yet, other than what we can see in the pictures shared by the spouses. Emma looked gorgeous in a short white dress with a long train. In the crown of flowers, Spice Girl also featured a photo of a white garter in the story.

The good news that should therefore comfort the beautiful blonde she recently mentioned during an interview with Mail on Sunday be in the middle of premenopause: “I started to feel unbalanced and anxious. At first, I blamed the health crisis for this. Then this anxiety became regular and then daily. I was lethargic. Something was wrong. I checked the list of perimenopausal symptoms and had more. I wondered if this was the end. It was a very strange time“.

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