Do you think it's more expensive in France than elsewhere? These infographics will put you in perspective


If France is in the middle of European countries regarding the price of gasoline and diesel, it does not interrupt the records.

Do you find fuel prices at your gas station? Our European neighbors are not necessarily better. For several weeks, the "yellow waistcoats" have been mobilized throughout France to increase the price of petrol and diesel, partly due to tax increases. Is France the exception? Before the freeze on November 17, we compared fuel prices in the European Union.

Prices in France are actually among the most expensive in Europe

Should we cross the French borders to find cheaper fuel? I am not sure. In the EU, gasoline and diesel are sold at an average of 1.40 and 1.38 euros per liter, according to our calculations based on the European Commission's survey of prices and dated Monday, November 5th. This is much less than the French tariffs: 1.54 euros per liter of petrol and 1.51 euros per liter of diesel, according to the same source.

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However, in France there are no fuels that are most expensive: seven European countries are selling the cheapest gasoline, which reached a maximum of EUR 1.65 / L in Italy. On the other hand, it is only more expensive, more expensive diesel fuel managed by Sweden, where the average price is 1.58 Euro / liter.

However, it is true that the difference is important for some of our closest neighbors. In Luxembourg, gasoline is cheaper by 30 cents (1.22 euro / liter), the difference reaches almost 35 cents for diesel fuel (1.17 euro / liter), which is pushing for a lot of cross-border transports full there. The same applies to Spain, where the price difference is 20 cents (1.33 EUR / liter for petrol and 1.27 EUR / liter for diesel).

Taxes are high in France (this is the case everywhere)

In France, every liter of gasoline is purchased on average 60% of the final price returned to the state and local authorities in the form of taxes, currently 95 cents (86 cents for diesel). Too large? In any case, this is not the highest in Europe. The Netherlands, Greece, Italy and Finland still use fuel.

Especially in all European countries, with the exception of Bulgaria, taxes represent more than half the price of gasoline on the pump. The weight of taxation is lower in the case of diesel fuels, with France among the countries most contributing to driving in the filling station.

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Fuel is more accessible than elsewhere in our budget

What is the share of fuel in the budget? Comparing it with our European neighbors, we calculated how many liters of gasoline and diesel fuel can theoretically buy a person with a median income in each country. The vast majority of us are led by luxembourgese people who enjoy high incomes and an attractive price on fuels. France ranks among nine of the 28 European Union countries.

If gasoline and diesel fuels in Eastern European countries are actually much cheaper, the gap needs to be relativized, since the difference in the standard of living with France is important. For example, with a median income, the Hungarian, Bulgarian or Romanian theoretically can buy four times less fuel than the French, despite lower pump prices.

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