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David Beckham starts a new incredible project: discover who!


David Beckham has a new project in mind! He wants to be fully involved in production as many stars!

David Beckham does not rest. Indeed Real Madrid Real Madrid has many projects in mind. First, he still plays models for several brands like H & M. He also invested in the company of his wife Victoria Beckham. Furthermore There's a football club in the US. Named the Inter Miami CF, the athlete is proud of this project. Nevertheless, he said about this topic:

"Four years ago, we dreamed of a football club. Today, we are proud to announce the official establishment of this club. Join us in this adventure that is just starting out."

But David Beckham has other ideas in mind and plans to develop them!

David Beckham starts production

David Beckham wants to spend most of his time on the camera. In fact, he already owns Studio 99. First, he plans to develop documentaries and programs on sports, fashion and travel.

" I always like to create content and work on imagery with creative people. It's amazing that the people I admire so much like basketball LeBron James and businessman Maverick Carter have succeeded. This has allowed me to see what can be done. It's really great to work with friends and meet new people who are doing great things and want to create new projects with us."

In addition, the athlete is not the only one to start production. This is a new trend among the stars! Actually, the actor Will Smith and his wife Jada have their own production company. Also, Drake has just prepared the Euphoria series with the wonderful Zendaya.

David Beckham is likely to bring a novelty to the television community.