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Conforama will not be sold at the cut, provided by its CEO Cédric Dugardin


In the office for three months, the general manager of furniture brands described his plan of restructuring in an interview with "JDD".

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Conforama store in Vendin-le-Vieil.
Conforama store in Vendin-le-Vieil. DENIS CHARLET / AFP

The extent of Conforama's restructuring is worrying for many employees as well as for its future. The furniture group, which deals with the plan to remove 1900 jobs and close 22 stores in France, will not be sold for cutting, which is guaranteed by Cédric Dugardin, his executive director in an interview with Weekly diary (JDD) from 14 July.

"I'm here to save Conforam and get the company on the right track. It must stop the loss of money and return to growth. "

"We are in perfect imagination", he says, asking about the possibility of selling pieces of furniture furniture. "The power of Conforame in France is a network of stores that offers a good network of territory. Selling to cutting does not make any sense. "

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Assuming that the group is assigned to one block, "We will explore all the opportunities that may arise, but our goal is that Conforama can live alone"added Mr. Dugardin.

Departures of employees "up to 2021"

Conforama, owned by the South African group Steinhoff, announced on 2 July a restructuring plan to eliminate 1,900 jobs (out of 8,229 employees with contracts of indefinite duration)st June 2019), as well as the closure of 22 Conforama stores and ten Maison Dépôt stores, which report large losses. Conforama France lost 500 million euros in six years.

"This is a restructuring plan for the eighteen or twenty-four months. Closures will be held in the first half of 2020", said the director, who said that the departures of employees will be expanded "By 2021".

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The first exchanges between the management and the staff representatives in this respect cause considerable tension. Several unions condemned the poor organizational conditions of the CCE because they decided not to attend Friday. "An empty table policy would not serve the purpose of employees. It is useless"said the head of Conforame. The first negotiation meeting on accompanying measures is scheduled for Tuesday, 16 July.

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