Wednesday , January 27 2021

According to Prescrire magazine, 93 drugs marketed in France would be dangerous

Not all medicines are the same. At least that’s what they conclude in a scientific journal Prescribe which sets out its 9th annual list of drugs advised against. There are a total of 112 medicines on this blacklist. And 93 of them are marketed in France.

These may be older medicines whose use is outpaced by other newer medicines and whose balance “benefits-risks” is more favorable. However, there may also be recent medications whose effectiveness has not been sufficiently demonstrated in terms of the side effects they cause in some patients.

It is not necessary for future mediators (…) if health actors respond in a timely manner
– “Prescribe” overview

Among the new bans is Propecia, a drug often used against hair loss in men. The Medicines Agency (ANSM) has already warned of the danger of psychiatric (anxiety, depression) and sexual (ejaculation disorders, decreased libido) that this treatment for baldness could cause. Another drug that is not recommended is Nootropyl, which is used to treat age-related cognitive impairment.

Finally, about ten drugs from the glyflozin family for diabetes are excluded. The drugs on this list are “causes of death, hospitalization or serious or very disturbing adverse effects which can be largely avoided”, according to the review Prescribe. These are “not necessarily the future Mediator, at the heart of scandals and lawsuits (…) Especially if all health actors respond in a timely manner “.

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