Underdog UK Team has defeated Overwatch World Championships


Underdog UK Team has defeated Overwatch World Championships

The warm dose of humble pie

The American team was extremely confident of coming to the playoffs of the Overwatch World Cup. However, they hope that the South Korean world champions will face the UK team. That is, despite the fact that in the UK mostly players come from the Contenders series, while the US team is full of OWL stars.

The quote in the game "Overestimation is a weak shield" the Zenyatta can be used perfectly in this case. As the US team was the best tank, considered the best tank player in the North American market, Muma saw himself playing in the UK. Take this particularly awkward 1-v-1 at Muma vs United Kingdom MikeyA is, for example, the only match won by the USA.

There are also a lot of bugs, including teammates who do not provide enough support. This does not mean that the Sinatra American team player respects UK players by killing all the first rounds. There are also questionable coach decisions, such as the veteran OWL player's hydration to OW Contender Zacharee for a GOATS comp.

Before the match, the US team was shy before the interviews that he had a huge number of notorious team compositions. The goats, of course, refer to the severe composition of the accelerated tank, which has passed through most teams. This team composition was a line-up for many competitive victories this season. So to know how to offset and use, you need to win.

But the United Kingdom simply played in the United Kingdom at almost every meeting outside of the first map. Supporters of the United Kingdom have obviously made the composition of GOATS much more known than in the US. What made him astonished why the American coach did not put Aero into hydration. Especially because Hydration Pharah can really cause damage to a GOATS team on the Route 66 map.

What are the UK Team chances of winning the Overwatch World Cup?

Underdog UK Team has defeated Overwatch World Championships

As they are depopulated, the UK team has the toughest hump for climbing to get the world championship. Canada faces China, while the United Kingdom has to face South Korea. Of course, the South Korean team sought to win their third victory in the World Cup championship. The winners of the first four arcades then fight for gold and silver, while the two losers will fight for the bronze.

Despite the fact that analysts had said before the South Korea vs Australia match, the league team did not seem to lose the pace. Even if they were last replaced on the list. The patient will be the most important player in the UK team, who may be able to steal the victory if he has struggled as much as yesterday. South Korea has experience on their side and is not easy to overthrow or overload.

When is the Overwatch World Cup Finals?

The match between South Korea vs United Kingdom starts at 9:30.

  • 9: 30-11: 30 hours PDT mid-term 1
  • 11: 30-12: 30 hours PDT semi-final 2
  • 1: 30-3: 30 pm PDT bronze coin match
  • 3: 45-6: 30 PDT gold medal match

Where can I watch the playoffs and the finals?

There are several ways to view the event. For Live Streaming, you can choose from the following options:

If you prefer to prefer traditional cable / OTA broadcasting, you should check local broadcasts for the selected programs. In the United States / Canada, ESPN 3 and Disney XD will be in English. Participants in Finland and the EU can look at the Fun Entertainment (Finnish). Finally, Japanese viewers can watch Cyberz.

Of course, you can view the new thoughtful Overwatch viewer that lived a few days ago. Thus, viewers get a comprehensive view of the game, unlike the previous one.


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