Thinking of Stan Lee: Superhero storytelling


Stan Lee (1922-1918) Photo: Gage Skidmore.

Before this week, the world lost Stan Lee, who was 95 years old. He called for his role as the creator of such characters as Spider-Man, Black Panther and Fantastic Four, and Lee, for the rest of his life, cemented himself as not only a legend in the world of comics, but also stories of long stories.

While the third coastal inspection usually does not write parts that resemble individual writers, Stan Lee was not an ordinary writer. He was a man who succeeded in doing what many writers strive to do in their work, the type of work that is rarely rewarded. He seriously wrote from his heart, spoke his truth, and he did so in a way that changed the world around him while he entertained us.

For this reason, so many of us now feel the size of his loss. Stan Lee was bigger than life, whose voice was comfort for me and countless millions all over the world. He inspired us to hope that we dream and treat them with love and decency. He was our friend and leading voice, a constant in a chaotic world, which is more and more reminiscent of these superheroes.

Although he began his career in the comics industry in the late 1930s, it would not be until the mid-sixties that Stan "The Man" Lee began to create a name in the industry through his work with Marvel Comics. In addition to his colleagues, including comic comics Jack Kirby and Steve Ditkom, Lee has opted for the industry leader, DC Comics and its composition of heroes, including Superman and Batman. As Lee has already confirmed in several interviews over the years, comics then display their characters as nothing more than an ideal presentation of a perfect person. These costumed crusaders could not do anything wrong and they always overpowered the enemies with little or no lasting consequences.

But Lee was not sure. He was not too well-sold about the notion or significance of these seemingly irresistible heroes. So, instead of holding the mold of what happened earlier, Lee did at that time unimaginable. He wrote characters that had the same shortcomings and worries as readers gathered their books. Fantastic four, like every family, often rotated their heads and came into a verbal conflict with each other. X-Men told the story of a group of mutants, individuals with special abilities, who abandoned them, distanced themselves from society due to their differences, despite their commitment to justice. Spider-Man, perhaps Lee's most recognized crew, was designed as an ordinary kid from Queens, who, despite his extraordinary power and incredible crawling capabilities, still had difficulty paying rent in time or moving in his career. The concept of heroes is ultimately flawed and human time was unimaginable, as Lee's stories confused the sense of authenticity that only helped the miracle. If an ordinary person is a hero, why can not I?

Additionally, Lee was one of the first comic writers to use media in dealing with such topics as racism and social prejudice, an exalted experiment in campsites, children's superheroes. In the now known edition of 1968, published by his popular Stan's Juice, in which Lee directly wrote his readers in the background of their comics, Lee firmly confirms that despite the fact that society at the time was facing the age of civil rights and global conflicts, ignorance, and intolerance towards others due to differences in race, religion and appearance was one of the worst threats the world has to face. In his communication, Lee argued that the only means to deal with racism and racism was "to disclose them for the evil that they are … sooner or later we must learn to judge each other according to their own advantage." later, if a person is ever worthy of his destiny, we must fill our heart with tolerance. "Lee, while confronting these themes, strongly stated that he and his fans would respond to generations. His words of acceptance showed that all his readers, regardless of their background or skin color, the same, all the beloved recipients of his message. His message was simply to be kind to one another and to be friendly to the world.

Stan Lee during his numerous Comic-Con creation. Photo: Gage Skidmore.

Lee and his colleagues became more popular as years passed. Their modern myths, home directories have become outside the comic book reader, partly thanks to new colleagues and now unstoppable Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was largely the result of Lee's treatment of his characters as more than just a superhero. Instead, the fact that these languages ​​were essentially just ordinary citizens who are facing today's actions. Regardless of their struggle, regardless of whether it was overstepped, they broke the judgment or problems in their personal lives, they still tried to help the world in any way. The world did not give up, even though the world often refused or even angered, and that's the point. These stories are important today as they did when they were created years ago because of their human core. We will continue to be defective creatures, but as memories of Stan Lee, we are reminded that our shortcomings are what our triumphs become even more important. Lee's characters Lee reflect on the paper, what we are trying to be while we are addressing the shortcomings of the world around us.

Today, the world of Marvel has become a global phenomenon. Thanks to the constant publishing of their comics and the popularity of their film and television franchises, people around the world continue to follow the epic adventures of Black Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man and others with the same fresh thrill that they have maintained since its foundation in 1960.

Stan Lee was together for the entire run. Lee likeness can be found in marvel comics, television shows and films, thanks to its many popular kayak performances. He never ceased to be the heart of his work, even when he grew above him. Since many renowned writers have made it since his crossing, I can not think of any better way of worshiping a man than if he took one of his books and lost himself again in the world that he left behind. So, while, fertile, greater than life alone may not be, his voice will continue to resonate, ready to show the world what it means to be a real superhero.

Enough said.


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