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The Rock takes a closer look at the conflict between Vin Diesel and defines the “candy ass”


Vin Diesel illustrates how big a problem he has when they call him candy.

Vin Diesel illustrates how big a problem he has when they call him candy.
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Meanwhile filming about frowning men racing cars and hitting each other in grim faces, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin “The Tank Top” Diesel learned quite publicly that we don’t like each other a lot at all. And now, after years of defiantly declaring each other Federico Fellini,, Show Balls, and of course the complex nature of all family relationships, The Rock decided to talk about this issue again and offer us a working definition of the term “candy” ass ”in the process.

V a Vanity Fair profile,, sweets post for ass heard being presented and contextualized around the world as “one of the clashes in The Rock brand wrestling”. Asked how this relates to a teammate like Diesel, The Rock explains that “candy is something you don’t want to be”.

“The best way I can describe a candy ass is: life is a lot easier, I’ve found when you’re not full of shit,” he continues, before really complicating the ass-focused metaphor, with, “And candy is totally full of shit.”

Since we all know whose sweet butt is full of shit in this script, The Rock goes on to be with Vin Diesel, despite our two most important muscular, shiny actors, “philosophically two different people and approaching to make movies on two very different ways. ”

This continues passively and aggressively he looks at “everyone as equal partners” in the project, whether it means a studio, a teammate of varying fame, or a crew member.

Rock says he doesn’t really like public arguments (while discussing this public argument), but that he stands by the fact that Diesel is called candy ass Also comments on Diesel’s claim that The Rock is like his brother with the words “I have one older brother and this is my half-brother” and when it comes to that Fellini’s quote, “Johnson at first just roars with laughter.”

He then continues in full citation:

“One part of me feels like I’m not honoring this shit with an answer in any way. But here is the truth. I was in the block many times. Unlike him, I didn’t come from the world of theater. And you know, I came differently and I was raised differently. I came from a completely different culture and environment. And I go into every project and I do my best. And if I think a few things need to be clarified, handled, and taken care of, then I do. And it’s that simple. When I read this, I, like everyone else, laughed. I laughed out loud. We all laughed. And somewhere I’m sure Fellini laughs too. “

Maybe it’s not as rough as saying candy ass, but it’s close.

If you want to smell a little more of what The Rock is cooking today, read on the rest of the article ob Vanity Fair.

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