Tuesday , October 26 2021

The NaMA blames the government for the latest massacre of ethnic Amhara


The NaMA says the government has failed to protect the safety of citizens as the military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front killed dozens of ethnic Amhars in the latest massacre in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

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The Amhara National Movement (NaMA) issued a statement Wednesday in response to the latest massacre of ethnic Amhars in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. He strongly condemned this attack.

“The NaMA, as an organization, has called on the government to fulfill its responsibility to end the horrific ethnic killings. However, the massacre in East Wollega is deteriorating, “the NaMA said in a statement.

The NaMA noted that the latest attack came after residents repeatedly called on government authorities to protect them from radical invaders by nationalist Oromo organizations.

The statement said the government had failed to fulfill its duty to protect the safety of citizens and called on the government to prioritize the duty to protect the safety of citizens.

He also called on the government to hold the perpetrators accountable by bringing them to justice.

OLF attackers operating in the region brutally killed dozens of Amhara ethnic members. The exact number is not yet known. The video, which is said to be from an attack in East Wollega circulating on social media, shows buried corpses and community members in distress.

Residents of Kiramu County in East Wollega are still asking the government to deploy security forces to protect them. The radical attackers of the ethnic nationalist Oromo parties have been the target of ethnic Amharic civilians and single people in the region since Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018.

They complained to the authorities in the region about their security concerns, but did not receive a response, as reported by Amhara Media Corporation (AMC).

Residents said the motive for the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF shooters), described by the Ethiopian parliament as a terrorist organization, was to exterminate the ethnic Amhari living in the area.


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