Road round-up: Cheptegei watches 15km world best in Nijmegen, Melese breaks Shanghai Marathon record of course | News


Uganda's Joshua Cheptegei won with NN ZevenHeuvenloop at 41:05 and eight seconds after the best world.

The world's 10,000-meter silver medal took the lead earlier than planned, as cardiac pacemakers tried to maintain the required speed. He made the first five kilometers at 14:07, but he increased his speed and broke the next five-kilometer stretch at 13:42 and reached 10 kilometers at 27:49.

The Commonwealth double champion still had one more tool to move, but in the final third of the race, he stepped down to return to the world rankings. After finishing five miles at 13:16 and last three kilometers at 7:46, he crossed the finish line at 41:05.

"After 10 km, I was out of the list for the world's best, so I decided to accelerate at 12 km," said Cheptegei after winning the race for the fourth time. "The last kilometer was heavy, but I really enjoyed it. I am very proud of my achievement and I want to thank the organization and my team."

Eritrean Abrar Osman finished a second second at 42:34, 22 seconds ahead of World 5000m champion Muktar Edwards.

Chettego's compatriot and fellow Commonwealth 10,000m champion Stella Chesang won the women's match in national record 47:19. Kenyan Evaline Chirchir finished one place higher than last year, while at 47:35 he took second place while Netherlands Susan Krumins six times in third place.

Meles and Tours reach the Ethiopian couple in Shanghai

On Sunday (18), the Ethiopian jegusual mallet reduced the record number of women's matches in the international marathon in Shanghai, while Abdiwak Tura's birthday took over by the men's title, which in the 19th century provided the first Ethiopian pair, the annual history of the IAAF Gold Label event .

Running in cold and cold conditions with a temperature ranging from 10 to 12 degrees, Melese created a comfortable lead in the last five kilometers to win at 2:20:37, beat the record 2:21:52 on three years ago, Tiger Tufa.

The 28-year-old leader led the seventh team and quickly maintained at an early stage of the race, which exceeded 10 kilometers at 35:30 and 20 kilometers at 1:06:30. The group was interrupted by three women at a 25-kilometer water station at 1:23:35, and Muluhabt Tsega of Ethiopia left the title race after two kilometers.

In the Melese form, whose PB of 2:19:36 from Dubai at the beginning of this year became the fastest participant, he continued with pushing forward. After some unsuccessful mini-breaks, she finally left Azmere Abrehe to reach a unique lead of 36 kilometers and never returned back before breaking the tape in style to celebrate her first marathon title in three years.

Eight of the top 10 racers in the women's race achieved the best lifespan. The 20-year-old Abreha, also from Ethiopia, improved her PB for more than three minutes and finished 2nd in 2:21:51. Third place went to Kenya Betty Lempus, who improved PB by almost six minutes to 2:23:41.

At the men's event, two competitors, who found themselves under 2: 05, turned the race into the last 100 meters competition, with the Tour leading to the edge of Ethiopia's Tsegaye Mekonnen.

The 21-year Tour was 2:09:20 and demanded the title, 4:36 shy in his career, the best of 2:04:44, which was set up in Dubai earlier this year. McConnen, performer 2:04:32, finished with the same clock, but he had to move to second place. Dickson Tuwei from Kenya was third at 2:09:21.

The lead group with more than 10 competitors reached five kilometers at 15:25, 10 kilometers at 30:47 and 20 kilometers at 1:01:21. Nine men were still in dispute as they reached the 30-kilometer mark at 1:32:12 and after five kilometers the package was cut to seven.

Soon it became clear that the leaders focused only on winning – and not on the outcome of the course 2:07:14 set by Paul Lonyangata Kenya in 2015 – because none of them were prepared to risk too soon. Seven competitors stayed together until they entered the Shanghai Stadium, where the target line was.

McConnell was the first to start charging the line, followed by Tura and Tuwei. In the past 10 meters, the Tour won McConnell in April to take the second place of the year following his 2:09:04 victory in Milan.

"I was expecting to finish today with 2: 07, but the weather was very difficult and the competition was difficult," said Tura. "I'm very happy to win at the first Shanghai competition."

The first seven finalists were separated for only eight seconds. Former world record holder Dennis Kimetto completed his first marathon for two and a half years, finished 10th in 2:14:55. His time was almost 12 minutes slower than his 2:02:57 the best since 2014, but he would entrust him with three consecutive incomplete marathons.

Vincent Wu for the IAAF

Girma and Lekapana achieved top honors in Boulogne-Billancourt

Taye Girma and Parandis Lekapana caught Sunday (18) on the Christian Margaret Half Marathon Marathon, a road race IAAF Bronze Label in Boulogne-Billancourt.

A leading package of eight competitors, led by Precious Mashele of South Africa, who set the pace, reached five kilometers and 10 kilometers at 14:31 and 29:02.

Mashele, Olika Adugna, Yismaw Ayenu, Taye Girma, Joshfat Tanui and the winner of 2008 Olympic sponsors Brimin Kipruto were still fighting to win the 15 km race at 43:32.

Mashele split the field, reaching speed after about 17 kilometers, and only Girmo and Tanui could follow. Then Girma launched a decisive attack with the remaining remaining kilometers, which reached a mark of 20 kilometers at 57:55, two seconds before Tanui and six seconds before Mashele.

Girma kept his step in the final stages and won at 1:00:52.

"This is my first summer marathon and I am very happy to win today," said Ethiopian, who at the beginning of this year set 10 km of PB from 28:06. "I felt cold during most races."

Tanui came home second at 1:01:00 when Mashele rounded up on the stairs at 1:01:14. Cypriot, who now focuses on driving on the road, finished fifth in 1:02:24.

Lekapane's paradise has created a solo effort to dominate over the birth of Susan Jeptoo, whose PB of 1:09:02 is 11 seconds faster than Lekapane's personal record.

Lekapana, 27, ranked well in the PB-tempo and closed the first five kilometers at 15:51, indicating the possible end-time 1:06:50.

Then 32:21 took place at 10 kilometers, 42 seconds before Jepto, and is still in the rhythm of challenging the record 1:08:29, set by Rahma Tusa last year. Kenya could not maintain this speed and closed the next 10-kilometer section at 34:32, but still ran a 55-second lead over Jepto on 20 kilometers.

Although the gap was reduced to 40 seconds, Lekapana, the second last year, crossed the line at 1:10:46 to close her second victory in the year following the success in Krems at 1:09:23. Karine Pasquier from France finished third in 1:15:26.

Quentin Guillon for the IAAF


1 Taye Girma (ETH) 1:00:52
2 Joshf Tanui (KEN) 1:01:00
3 Precious Mashele (RSA) 1:01:14
4 Olika Adugna (ETH) 1:01:41
5 Brimin Cyprus (KEN) 1:02:24

1 Parapente Lekapana (KEN) 1:10:46
2 Susan Jeptoo (KEN) 1:11:26
3 Karine Pasquier (FRA) 1:15:21
4 Miriam Ortiz Ribas (ESP) 1:15:26
5 Hannane El Bajjaoui (MAR) 1:18:04


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