Namibia / Mozambique: Mambas Hunt warriors, wild dogs


Mozambique on Sunday cleared Zambia from the qualifiers of the African Cup of 2019 with a 1-0 win against Mambas, which ensured that the fight for the top two hits in group K would be lowered to the wire.

Reginaldo Artur Faife's 62-minute goal scored a tough fight and sentenced Zambia, the African champions in 2012, missed the second time in a continental football game.

There were no goals, but the drama was aplenty, as Brave soldiers and wild dogs from Guinea-Bissau played a non-alcoholic draw in the Afcon pulsating qualification at Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday.

Namibia has made great achievements and has created many options, but its forecast could not be fired, so the K team will only score in the final round of March, when Namibia plays Zambia and hosts Guinea-Bissau in Mozambique.

By draw, Namibia and Guinea-Bissau reached eight points, followed by Mozambique, which exceeded four points with Zambia, which were now excluded from the accounts. Mozambique again facilitated the win between the first two qualifiers from the group following the defeat against Nazib in the last month.

At the press conference after the match, Namibia coach Ricardo Mannetti was dropped due to losses in the team, but he still positively evaluated and continues to be convinced that Namibia will qualify for Afcon 2019.

"We wanted to win, but we did not – we had a point, so we will take on a man and we will look at the last game to convince ourselves that we are qualified. I am angry at the possibilities that we missed, but I have a smile on my face, as we know that we are still on our way to Cameroon, "he said.

Namibia has certainly wasted many opportunities, but he reversed the style with an irresistible performance in front of some 8,000 singing and enthusiastic fans.

The corner kick from Petrus Shitembi was powerfully met by the two teams, as Ananias Gebhardt struck home after 2 minutes.

With Shitembi, Willy Stephanus and Hendrik Somaeb, who were in the middle of the middle, they had more options, but Hotto, Stephanus and Peter Shalulile could not find the target.

At the other end, Guinea Bissau also had great opportunities, while Brito Toni went wide, while goalkeeper Namibia Virgil Vries saved greatly by twice losing Jose Lopez.

Just before half-time, Larry Horaeb brought goals to solve Piqueta Silva's problem, who penetrated the field and tried to reach goals, but refused Horaebu.

Namibia's attack continued in the second half when Shitembi and Stephanus approached before Somaeb's ball hit the line from Rudinilsona Silva.

Vries was also in good shape, so Lopez and Frederic Mendy took two good decisions.

Mannetti was later replaced by Benson Shilongo and Muna Katupose substitutes, but the Namibian attack continued between the cacophony of tricks, drums and even the singing national anthem, which simply could not find targets, and Namibia had to settle for a point.

Mannetti remained positive and confident about his qualifications for Afcon 2019.

"If you look at how difficult it was today in the net, it will be very difficult in Zambia, but I tell you it will be difficult for Zambia as well. As we stand, we have eight points, and we are still at the top of the group that is excellent, so we do not look at this draw as if we lost that match.

Mannetti also bowed his players to great performance.

"I'm glad we got this point, it could be even worse, we could be in a situation when we dominated things and then stole the goal. Larry (Horaeb) did a great skill, Thebes (Lombaard), and Virgil Vries I made a lot of savings, so I need to tell the guys, thank you for keeping us in this race.


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