In the big week for K-pop Stateside, BLACKPINK's first appearance in Coachella's history is as impressive as it comes


The group marked its mark at the California Festival as the first Korean band to perform there

This is a big week for K-Pop Stateside. On the east coast, BTS is preparing for the first performance SNL, transferring Korean music to the homes of millions of Americans. On the west coast of BLACKPINK, they do something the same massive – they become the first female band K-pop, who performs in Coachella, in the primary direction she saw on the second line poster.

Tonight's performance of the four parts (April 12) is not only their first show in Coachella, but also their first true American live performance (before that they played only once here at the pre-Grammy industry). When the lights on the Sahara darkened to signal their arrival, it is clear that there are many Blinks – a common name for their fans – waiting for many pink, hearty lights that shine in the crowd.

Those who have already transformed the power of BLACKPINK and those who are curious, why all this is a lot of noise, do not remain disappointed tonight. It's from the strong start "Ddu-du Ddu-du" that the group is in the form of asking why this reservation did not happen earlier. There are huge audience shouts for every pop or dynamic choreography, each time Jennie and Lisa repertoires capture their lines with such a bit more intensity than records, each time Rosé and Jisoo sing their rising melodies. Women on the stage clearly enjoy it, just like the people they play – their faces are almost permanent exhibitions for wide, genuine laughs, while Jisoo after the "whistle" Jennie allows the touch of the elbow and giggle that seems to say: "Can you believe this is happening?"

For its great historical moment, the quartet is supported by a rock band, which mostly adds more oomph. But after Jennie records his own song, with the right title "Solo", they go back to the orphanage and leave themselves with riffs and marmalades, while BLACKPINK is redistributed. This is a type of filler that threatens to dilute the momentum that has been built, and if it were not immediately, then it would be followed by a high-energy "Kill This Love".

This song is one of the most recent bands that came out in the title of the new EP released last week (April 5th). According to records, his songs sometimes seem inadequate, but they are full of adrenaline performance, which is much better. Lazer synthesizers "Do not Know What to Do" prove that they are the ultimate festival beginner, while the scandalous hook "Kick It" gives the group the ability to jump around and in Rosé's case grab a pink cowboy. a hat that was on the stage.

Among the songs BLACKPINK brings a series of relaxed, sparkling calls, making you feel like you have encountered their practice rather than a big festival set. If the complete inconvenience has not yet won all of Coachell's hearts, their loving experiments on Mexican waves will complete their work.

The band may be having fun, but are aware of what it means tonight for both them and K-pop as a whole. "We are from quite different worlds," Rosé began when he became serious for another and relied on the contradictions in culture between the US and South Korea. "But tonight we learned so deeply that it unites us as one."See you later / Maybe never."When Coachella is well and truly conquered, in the case of BLACKPINK we will see a lot more of them, and according to this, it would not be shocking if they saw that they would receive the full bill in a few years.


"Ddu-du Ddu-du"
& # 39; Always young & # 39;
»Kiss and make up«
Kill this love & # 39;
"I do not know what to do"
Bring & # 39;
& # 39; See you later & # 39;
"Playing With Fire"


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