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In South Ethiopia there was a command post, the opposition demands a constitutional change


  • Due to security challenges in the Sidama region, South Ethiopia's security apparatus will be under its command position
  • A party of Ethiopian citizens for social justice calls on the constitution as one of the root causes of the problem in the country, calls for the amendment of the Italian Amendment
South Ethiopia _ Hawassa
Hawass's place

July 23, 2019

After five days of violence, which took away the lives of more than 60 civilians, not to mention the destruction of wealth worth millions of people, the Ethiopian Federal Security Forces took over security tasks in southern nations, ethnicities and the people's region – a region scorned by the radical ethnic nationalists Sidama , who proclaimed the ethnic state of Sidama on July 18, 2019, annulling all legal and administrative procedures.

It is valid from Tuesday and remains in force for an indefinite period, according to a report from government media.

According to a statement by the South Nations, Nationalities and People's Region (SNNPR) media, the regional government has asked for security arrangements because violence has increased in the region.

A command post is established, a body that will oversee security operations.

According to the latest agreement, all zones in the region, not just the Sidama Zone, which is placed under the federal government of the security forces in addition to the Ethiopian defense forces.

The SNNPR statement did not explain why the security forces should be deployed in SNNPR parts that were not affected by the attack by Sidham radical nationalists on non-Sida ethnic groups.

However, she stated that the new and temporary security arrangements are aimed at establishing the rule of law and protecting the lives and qualities of citizens.

The details of the arrangement need to be disclosed to the public.

Ethiopia has performed at least two similar security challenges in the south-east and west of the country since Abiy Ahmed assumed the post of Prime Minister in April 2018.

Many citizens wonder whether the approach to managing the crisis is the right way to solve Ethiopia's problem.

There was a lot of hope when Prime Minister Abiy took office to arrange political agreements on conflicts and merge the country.

The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice, one of the new opposition groups in the country, called for legal action against those who stand for the latest attack and destruction of citizens' property in the Sidama zone of southern Ethiopia.

The party also called for a change in the Ethiopian constitution, dividing Ethiopia into nine ethnic states.

The party believes that the constitution is one of the fundamental causes of a political problem in the country.

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