Hundreds of Tigers who migrated from Amhar are coming to Gedaref, officially confirmed by Sudanes


Most of the gigs are older and women, including pregnant women and babies.


Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) – Morethan 400 Tigreans arrived in eastern Gedaref, after the mass eviction of regional state officials in Amhara, and the Sudanese Refugee Commission (SCR) confirmed the Sudan Tribune (ST).

Sudan Refugee Commissioner Hamad al-Gizouli told ST that the evicted victims had entered Sudan through the Gallabat and Metemma border crossings between the two countries.

Official Sudanes expected a further influx of evicted people to arrive in Sudan in the coming days, with 181 of them including 181 women and 100 women among 400, including pregnant women and nursing women.

Al-Gizouli added that they had agreed with UNHCR and UNICEF to offer ready-made dishes and medical assistance to their compatriots.


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