Ethiopia: The Ministry entrusts millions to the treasure


The Ministry of Revenue seized containers filled with clothing, medicine, electronics and motorcycles, worth 15 million Br, intended for smuggling into the country. In addition, the ministry has discovered more than 11,000 illicit drugs, which is 4.8 million Br.

The Ministry also seized other products estimated at 10 million Br, which were imported using diplomatic bags. Materials include parts of the vehicle and safety cameras that the embassy has ordered in the capital with diplomatic rights.

"The ministry is continuously increasing border security and establishing strict controls," says Ephrem Mekonnen, director of education and communication of the ministry.

The ministry was also able to uncover 8.9 million brands of merchandise in the border town of Moyale, which was allegedly smuggled. These items were clothing, medicines, electronic products and 35 motorcycles.

"As we get more leads in the public, we can now seize more illegal trading," Ephrem said.


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