Sunday , July 25 2021

Couples who replace speech with the suffering of lyrics

London: We live in an age of instant communication – but many relationships seem to suffer because couples no longer talk face to face.

One in ten spends more time talking to their other half by phone or email than in person, the survey found.

Couples who now spend less than an hour a day while talking are to blame for the ever-increasing workload, with one in five of us spending only 15 minutes a day chatting in person.

Contact barrier

Instead, we now filter our communication through technology such as cell phones or emails that give the appearance of intimacy but actually hinder real contact.

The average couple sends a huge 1002 texts and almost 400 emails a year. Women send more texts on average two a day, and 12 percent admitted to sending six or more.

And of the 1,000 people surveyed, 13 percent admitted to following what their partner was doing on Facebook.

A study by esure insurance showed that the average couple spends a total of only three hours and 45 minutes a week, excluding bedtime, of which 51 minutes in silence in front of the TV and 37 minutes for chores.

More than 27 percent of couples said they only get a chance to have a real chat over the weekend. The survey also found that 41 percent of couples sent texts, emails, or used social networking sites to send messages to each other rather than talk.

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