Tuesday , October 26 2021

Zamalek: We are trying to solve the gross crisis … and Boutayeb is asking us for 60 million


Amr Adham, a member of the board of directors of the Zamalek club, confirmed that they are trying to solve the crisis of the Swiss Christian Gross, the former coach of the team, and set his duties.

“We’re trying to communicate with Pachec’s agent to schedule fees so we can respect them,” Amr Adham said in statements to On Time Sports 2.

And he continued, “The same thing we want to do with Gross, we agreed with his assistant and paid all the fees, which confirms the credibility of the committee. Gross’s lawyer is the same one we discussed regarding his assistant, so it might make it easier for us.”

He added: “Maarouf Youssef is finally sentenced to 7 million and 700 thousand Egyptian pounds, gross 662,000 euros and 470,000 euros in favor of Pachec. These are the last decisions we have to pay.”

And he continued, “We have settled with Achimbong for $ 900,000 and we are paying, and we have demanded at least a million euros in favor of Maritimo and also $ 910,000 in favor of Sportage Lisbon.”

And he concluded: “Khaled Boutayeb is also demanding that Zamalek pay almost £ 60 million, we are at the beginning and we are trying to solve this, we are surrounded by large sums and we are trying to immunize Zamalek from penalties.”

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