Video .. Ahmed Fahmy presents the paragraph "Wizard" with Mona Shazly


Video .. Ahmed Fahmy presents the paragraph "wizard" with Monom Shazly Charter, who listed the portal of the sunrise, we are publishing a video. Ahmed Fahmy presents the video "The Wizard" with the video Mona Shazly. Ahmed Fahmy presents Mongo Shazly's "Wizard" paragraph Ahmed Fahmy presents the Mongo Shazly paragraph "Wizard".

During the press conference Mona Al-Shazly, Ahmad Fahmi presented entertainment events with Al-Kuchin, a coin and a mobile phone.

During an interview with CBC on Thursday evening, Fahmy manipulated Alquino and invited him to return the show again after he was upset by his manipulation.

In the end, he interpreted Fahmi, his cheating, saying he manipulated the exchange of documents to think that the other person was deceived.

Then he moved forward, made another trick with a coin, hid it in clothes, and then another trick with a mobile phone before explaining it to the public.

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