Two people were arrested abroad for an embassy with the purpose of traveling with "… Masrawy


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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Books – Alaa Omran:

Public information officers could have used two people for "fake documents" for one of the foreign embassies in Cairo to obtain visas abroad.

In the presence of foreign embassies officials in Cairo, the Directorate-General for Investigating Public Money reported that two Egyptian citizens have applied for a visa in documents that are suspected of being counterfeit.

In examining and coordinating with the embassy representatives, Sa'mid, 45, Mohammed F, 38, an accountant who was resident in Menoufia district, was arrested. Both were presented to the official of the Visa Embassy. A bank account on behalf of each of them issued by a bank envisages the existence of a number of withdrawal and deposit transactions in their bank condition "contrary to the truth".

The examination of both reports was found to be false forgery. Both men discussed two documents and presented them with fake documents at the embassy in order to obtain a visa and obtained them by printing them in a computer store without the knowledge of their owners.

The necessary legal measures were taken.


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