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Tunisia News / Learn more about the relationship between neck pain and headache

Cervical radiculopathy is a health problem caused by nerve compression in the cervical vertebrae. Nerve compression can occur for one of the following reasons: scrolling of the heart (cartilage cartilage discovered) between the vertebral column of the spine). Cervical stenosis of the spine. Disease degenerative disorder (cartilage erosion): compression of the nerve caused by osteoarthritis caused by inflammation of the joints of the spine. When the cartilage appears between the sixth and seventh vertebrae, this causes the symptoms of the root nerve of the seventh paragraph. Every cervical neck stretches and gives us a feeling and reaches muscle fibers in the muscles, allowing movement to the shoulder, arm and arm. For example, when the nervous root of the seventh paragraph irritates, for example, it causes pain, weakness, numbness and numbness along the area where it is stored. The lower roots of the nerve, especially the seventh followed by the sixth, are more susceptible to compression than the higher nervous roots. But now – most likely – are you wondering what this has to do with headaches? Other symptoms of neuropathic cervical neuropathy include: – pain on the arm and arms on the same side as the root of the compressed nerve. – numbness and numbness. – Muscular weakness. – There are sometimes symptoms of weakness and sensory problems without pain. Diagnosis A clinical examination may only be that the specialist should diagnose the diagnosis of cervical neuropathy. A maneuver is lowered by an expert at the top of the head while the patient is injured. This pressure results in the same symptoms as the patient. Because of numbness and numbness, this indicates the presence of pressure on the nerve root. Other tests may be the diagnosis of nerve root compression, such as magnetic resonance imaging, axial class images, or electromyography (EMG). When you are diagnosed with pressure on the nerve root, your doctor searches for alerts such as the pressure on the spinal cord, or signs of a particular infection, stroke, cancer, or other things that can cause the same symptoms that should be ruled out. Treatment Cervical compression is often treated with conservative treatment, anti-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, opioid analgesics, (eg, Effexor (venlafaxine) and can help relax muscles such as Flexeril, especially in early stages of infection, but sometimes use oral steroids, but not as long-term treatment because of their possible side effects If you think that pressing the root of the nerve is the cause of a headache, consult your doctor, do not let the headache affect your life and prevent you from doing things, If the pain is not treated with the help of your doctor, specialist for the spine or physiotherapist, Searching for a sample of str You can help Lage or solution. Click here to read news from your source.

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