The victory over Tunisia was necessary after the loss of Ahi .. And Cooper, like Mourinho


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Assistant Aguirre: Victory over Tunisia was necessary due to the loss of Ahli .. And Cooper, like Mourinho from Masress, on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Aguirre's assistant: The victory over Tunisia was needed after losing Ahi .. And Cooper, like Mourinho

Mohamed Faramawy Posted in Yalakoura on 18 – 11 – 2018

Tito Garcia, assistant coach of Mexican Javier Aguirre, said the victory over Tunisia was excellent and needed after the last week of the defeat of Esperance.
Egypt qualified in the fifth round for Tunisia 3-2, qualifying for the African Cup of Nations in 2019, days after the loss of the title of the African Champions League to the account of Esperance Tunisia.
"The public wanted to beat Tunisia, the result was positive for us, because we were playing the size of Tunisia against the important team," Garcia said in a statement for Al-MACH.
"We did not talk about the Champions League final with players and we did not even use it to motivate players."
"We have to respect the style of an Argentinian buyer who is supposed to say what is better and what's worse," he said. "There are two different ways of playing such as Jose," he said. Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, but both are at the highest level, each game has its own circumstances, and Egyptians have to be happy to score 15 goals. "
"We prefer to play Marwan Mohsen in order to improve his level," Garcia said. "He has trained and played a lot in the World Championship, he worked very well, worked well and helped the team."
"The Mexican coach is in the computer's mind and they all have it. Nobody is any more on top of each other or has special features, except Salgado, which does not always exist and follows the Egyptian league from Dubai," Garcia said of Agri.
"We have seven goalkeepers, we are choosing from them, Ahmed Naji, the coach for the guard and the final decision-maker," he said, and called for respect for Isam al-Hadari's decision to retire in the international environment and that he did not have the intention in his decision mediated.
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