The ministry predicts a list of meals that owners can not update to "stop" and write off their meals


The Egyptian arena witnesses a state of high expectation in accordance with the date set by the Ministry of Care and Special for the Addition of Neonates, and the update of all the cards for a meal for beneficiaries. The Republic decree was issued in accordance with Resolution No. 19 from 2018, which provided for the possibility of adding births per card, This period was divided into 12 weeks. "The decision was reached to receive applications from 21 October to 7 November for those who missed the dates, which included a number of tables according to the latest number from Yemen for a meal card

Term for a meal card

Since the date of the Ministry of Health Care extends the date of updating meals and births, and how to deal with all the problems that citizens face either through the care portal, either with a support site or through a catering company where many have gone to the catering offices, to fill in the remaining documents In order to be able to pay a receivable as specified in the Ministry in the following period, as follows:

Updating the card for meals and the latest date for updating the data before you pause the cards. Video

Using smart cards through mobile phones What cards are needed to issue a new card or a damaged or lost add-on

Steps to Add Births at the Support Site to Egypt and the Ministry of Care for updating data and places to activate cards

Categories eligible for support

  • Beneficiaries of social security pensions, Sadat, Mubarak, Takaful and dignity.
  • Widows, separated, and widows.
  • Minors who do not have family or permanent income due to parents' death.
  • Temporary seasonal work, agricultural workers and sellers.
  • Workers, drivers, professionals and craftsmen with low incomes, with a monthly income of up to 2,000 LE per month.
  • Unemployed and those who are in their power.
  • Who has no qualifications and is still unemployed in social research.
  • Employers of pensions of government, business or private sector with a monthly income of up to 2,000 LE per month.
  • Employees in government and public sector or secured private sector, with a monthly income of up to 2500 LE per month.

That was rejected on November 7th

By monitoring all statements by dr. Ali al-Meselhi, the minister of supply and internal trade on maps and categories of meals, which were eliminated and deleted from the cards and the deadline by 7 November, stated that the decision of the ministry allows the survival of incorrect data on the card meals, so that each the error will remain until November 7th. Then the card will be written off

He also discussed a number of issues through his interview through the MBC satellite that the ministry does not allow the numbers on persons other than individuals to be eligible for the family to increase only if they are to supply or live with the health of citizens' data

4 steps to make sure it is correct or wrong Supplies cards For all users of the support system.

  • Please enter this link: " "
  • Select the event event and enter the card number and national number.
  • If you find that your card is on cards on a website, it means that its information is incorrect and you need to change it.
  • If your card is not on the site, it means that its information is correct and you do not need to update it.

Update today

Minister of Healthcare and Internal Trade, on the update of the food card, dr. Has Meselhi emphasized that all citizens need to update their card information before a specific date stating that the ministry is striving to limit all installments to prevent their owners from getting updated in preparation for their stoppage.

He added that the cards will be stopped by mistakes and will prevent their owners from being updated through the supply offices after that period, saying that circumvention of modernization is still fake and will be stopped

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