Friday , October 22 2021

The latest news today. The action of Hadeq al-Qubba's head of torture tortured to death


Books – Tarek Samir:

On Sunday, the Cairo Criminal Court will hear a trial of the chief of police, the lieutenant and four police officers in the Hadeq al-Qubba section, accused of torturing a detainee to death within the department.

Adviser Abdelrahman Shatla, the first advocate-general for district attorneys of Western Cairo, previously ordered Hadaeq al-Qubbe, an official and a four-pronged secretary to the Criminal Court, to investigate the execution of the detainee in the department.

The defendants in the prosecution in Cairo prisons have accused the defendants of using cruelty, violence, torture to death and forgery in official records.

On July 1, security forces at the Hadayek al-Qubba police station accused the victims of Ahmed El Sayyed Eid (28 years old, a Trocycle driver) for charging a law firm.

The prosecutor's investigation showed that the defendant was tortured to death within the department and then transferred to the Zeitoun hospital, which confirmed that the detainee was defeated.

The accused sent the defendant to the criminal court after receiving the forensic report, investigations and testimony of the witness.

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