The "incense" test for the accusation of taking over 173 million pounds today


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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Tariq Samir:

The Northern Cairo Criminal Court, which was held at the Tura Police Department, will discuss the first trial of Jamal al-Din al-Laban, 54, to the Director General of the National Council for the Care of the State Council on Sunday.

The process will be held under the chairmanship of Chancellor Ali Al-Hawari and members of the advisers Ashraf Al-Ashmawi and Khaled Fakhri Al-Shalqam.

The investigation by the Chancellor of the Investigative and Investigative Authorities of Abdul Latif Al-Sharnoubi showed that during the period from 8 November 1997 to 30 December 2016, the provisions of the Law on Unlawful Profits, which acquired the increase in their assets after assuming public office, the Report of the Committee of Experts The defendant was unable to prove a legitimate source.

The investigations found that these amounts amounted to EUR 15 million and EUR 422 thousand, which is unknown costs, that are the prices of real estate and cars that are in his possession, and the value of bank certificates on behalf of his daughter, in addition to the amount of 7 million 647 thousand and 174 pounds.

The investigation revealed that his house had seized money in the amount of 24 million and 896 thousand pounds and 4 million 64 thousand and 782 dollars, 2 million euros, 7 thousand euros and 800 million euros, million rials and 237 thousand euros.

It was found that the golden work weighing Cleo and 102 grams of caliber 18, 21 and 24 worth 650 thousand and 30 pounds were seized with their house.

The investigations confirmed that the defendant exercised his powers and functional powers to obtain illegal funds from some of his clients, thereby violating his work and violating the laws by granting private companies an illegal work at a price that is higher than the price of ideals and payment of their financial duties without carrying out these acts. In order to achieve an increase in its assets, which intentionally gives false statements of financial disclosure and failure to prove its assets and financial liabilities with statements that are contrary to the truth and refrain from providing financial disclosure in 2015, the concealment of its assets is a haraam.


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