Tuesday , October 26 2021

“She was attacked and photographed with a mobile phone” .. “Ministry of the Interior” reveals details of the kidnapping of a girl in Alexandria


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The Interior Ministry on Thursday revealed the circumstances of a report by police officers from the Al-Montazah Third Police Station at the Alexandria Security Directorate from a person and his wife who are residents of the customs police that an unknown person kidnapped his daughter in a white-car vehicle. tuk ”while traveling in the Falaki area, ward ward, and three were forcibly attacked and photographed on someone’s cell phone.

A research team led by the Public Security Sector was set up, with the participation of the Alexandria Security Directorate’s Crime Investigation Unit, whose efforts resulted in the incident being committed by 4 people, three of whom have criminal records, all of whom are residents of the department.

After legalizing the proceedings, they were the target. They were arrested when confronted, confessed to the incident, and were instructed on the white weapon they used to carry out the incident and the phone with which they photographed the victim. measures have been taken.

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