Saudi air defense obstructs the ballistic missile launched by Houthis to the Kingdom


The Saudi Arabian Air Force (SAFF) on Friday abandoned a ballistic missile shot by the al-Huthi militia in Yemen from Saada to Saudi territory.

Arab Coalition Force spokesman Colin Turki al-Maliki stated that the coalition's anti-aircraft forces have been investigating the ballistic missile launched by Iran-sponsored Houthi terrorist organizations in Yemen's Saada province, Saudi Arabia's air defense forces captured and destroyed the missile in Yemen, and did not cause any injuries.

Al-Maliki emphasized that the hostilities of the Al-Huthi militias demonstrate the involvement of the Iranian regime and support these terrorist militia and confirm the dispersal and objection of the UN resolutions issued in this regard and continue to jeopardize the security of the Kingdom and the regional and international security and insist on violations of international humanitarian law.

The number of ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi militia to the Kingdom (206) missiles so far (112) caused the deaths of civilians and residents and injured hundreds.


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