Report .. After the postponement of the summit .. Ahli will play the game every 96 hours in the month of "crisis"


The Egyptian Football Federation's competition committee announced the dates of some Al Ahly players scheduled to play in December.

Al Ahli played only six games from 14 laps with 11 points, after winning 3 meetings and raising a duel and falling into the loss trap during a single match.

The Red Team will play eight games in December (six league matches – two games in the last 32 league games in Africa).

The following are the dates of the Ahly matches in December:

December 1

On December 1, it was decided that the match between Ahli and Arab performers was in the round of the 16th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

December 5th

According to the competition committee, it was decided that the Ahli game with El Gouno was scheduled for December 5th.

The match between the two teams was postponed from the seventh-week scales, while El Gouna was scheduled to take over the red team at 19.00 at a regular session.

December 9th

After 96 hours, Al-Ahli will meet with the army of Tala's army in the ninth month.

The match will be held in a quiet stadium postponed from the 14th round of the league table.

Go to the Champions League

After the first competition, Reds will prepare for the first round of the 32-member African Champions League, which will be held from 14 to 16 December.

Al Ahly will face the first leg of his home in Cairo and is expected to face the winner of matches that will bring together the foundations of Telecom Djibouti and Jemaa Abe Gifar of Ethiopia.

December 17th

After the League League game, Al Ahli returned to the Egyptian league, facing the stars on December 17th.

The match will take place in a quiet stadium, postponed from the twelfth week of the tournament.

Champions League

Al Ahly will return to the African Championship in the second round of the African Champions League on 21-22-23.

December 26th

Al-Ahli continued his reign with a match against Al-Ittihad in the final match.

The match has been postponed since the sixth week of the league championship.

December 30

Al-Ahli is finishing the season in December with a game against Enpie at the Petrosport Stadium and a match at week 13.

The Competition Commission postponed the match between Ahly and Zamalek, which was scheduled for 10 December, with a date that was fixed later.

Al-Ahli will have five more games against (pyramids – Petrojet – Egypt – Zamalek – Zamalek).

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