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Real Madrid's home games were demanded by Sadio Mani of Liverpool


03:01 م | Sunday, July 14, 2019

Real Madrid has demanded Sadio Mani from Liverpool


The name of Senegal player Sadia Mania is linked to several clubs that revealed their desire to join him in the summer transfer season after an exceptional Reds season and ended up with the title of the Champions League.

Real Madrid was at the top of the team for Sedio Mani before the start of the new season and made an official bid to win, although he strengthened the team with five deals, notably Eden Hazard, but the desire of the Kingdom to join him increased after his participation. A sign in the peoples of Africa, according to the newspaper "Mirror" the British.

The head of the Senegalese Football Association, Mania, is advised to look at the offer of Real Madrid

The paper emphasized the comments of Sai Sik, the President of the Senegalese Confederation, in which he confirmed the Real Madrid real-time offer from Senegal to consult the offer well before the decision, since a great opportunity and important in his career should not be repeated later. still in his hand.

Sadio Mani is one of the closest African Footballer of the Year prizes presented each year by the African Football Confederation (CAF) to compete with his teammate Mohamed Salah, Senegalese teammate Sadi Mani and Algerian Riad Mehrez, Algerian semi-finalist with Africa. A team of his country.

Senegal has won the title of the English Premier League, just like Mohamed Salah and Aljabouni Pierre Emeric Obameng and crowned the Champions League with Liverpool, and in the case of the African Nations Cup, in addition to the gold bullion competition, he will also be a strong contender for the prize.

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