Providing fertilizers of winter crops in the new valley


Here are the details of the news: Agriculture: Providing fertilizers of winter crops in the new valley

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Dr. Majd al-Marsa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in the New Valley, said that the stock of fertilizers in the governor is available and safe and sufficient for various winter crops grown at the level of old land and land reclamation land.

Al-Marsa confirmed that the fertilizer balance between 1 April and 1 April reached 3957,850 tonnes of urea fertilizer and 810,200 nitrate fertilizers. Regatta received about 1020.05 tons of fertilizer from the urea and 525 tons of nitrate fertilizer. Farmers had 1712,750 tonnes of urea fertilizers and 84,200 tons of nitric fertilizers at the level of agricultural associations, land reclamation societies and the Egyptian agricultural development company.

He emphasized that the maintenance of sufficient quantities for the needs of farmers, where drainage is in relation to the actual agricultural inventory and agricultural products, the current state of 3265,150 tonnes of Urea fertilizer and 1215 tonnes of nitrate fertilizers.

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