Prices of desserts of the Prophet's birth


Hassan Fendi, a member of the Food and Confectionery Department of the Federation of Food Industries Federation of the Federation of Industries, last year confirmed the prices of sweet candy on local markets, which indicates a reduction in local sugar prices.

Fendi said yesterday that the price of glucose dropped, which is one of the main ingredients in the confectionery industry.

He added that there are a number of factors affecting prices, the most important of which are world markets that are pricing engines on the domestic market, in addition to the costs of business and work that have increased, but the decrease in sugar and glucose prices, the last balance sheet without impact on product prices.

He stressed that the stocks of sugar are at safe borders, and it is sufficient until February to show that the consumption of sugar in the country annually, about 3.2 million tons, including 2.2 million tons of local production, and others imported as raw materials and recurrence in Egypt, season of cane and sugar beet, with the operation of refining capacities at factories.


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