Saturday , July 24 2021

Minister of Health: Global health puts Egypt at a lower level in terms of the risk of the Corona epidemic spreading

Today, dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, presented the latest developments regarding the Corona virus crisis, efforts to provide vaccines against the virus and a position on the implementation of a number of presidential initiatives..

Dr Hala Zayed began her presentation by addressing the epidemiological situation of the virus spreading around the world, noting that the World Health Organization had assessed the country’s epidemiological situation and risk of spreading the virus worldwide and divided it into 6 levels. Egypt is at its lowest level in terms of the risk of the epidemic spreading..

The Minister touched on the health insurance plan for secondary school exams and pointed out that in addition to implementing all preventive measures and providing medical services, 2,156 ambulances were distributed to examination boards in the vicinity of the committees in all governors of the republic. activation of the central emergency department, which operates continuously to monitor the implementation of the plan, health insurance and immediate resolution of emergencies.

The Minister also referred to a study carried out on the extent to which ultrasound diagnosis of coronary patients matched the diagnosis of corona CTThe study showed that 80% of cases matched their diagnosis and that ultrasound of the lungs with oxygen saturation was a very effective tool in deciding to prioritize hospitalization of coronavirus patients in healthcare facilities with limited resources..

During the presentation, dr. Hala Zayed drew attention to the current state of supply of Corona vaccines, noting that 500,000 doses of Sinovac had been delivered in the last week and that one million doses were to be provided by the end of the year. 210,000 doses. From the Sputnik vaccine and the completed release procedures of the Office for Medicinal Products, 700,000 doses have been provided through Kovacs, and 250,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine have been provided, adding that stability and equivalence studies are underway in the field of antiviral vaccine production. , and soon 2,000 liters of raw materials will be delivered out of 5,000. liters to be delivered in July..

The Minister noted the efforts of measles vaccination campaigns in Egypt during the Corona virus pandemic, noting that the rate of coverage by mandatory vaccinations for all seven routine doses had reached 95%, with almost 17 million children with seven vaccinated during the year. routine doses, including stroke. MMR (measles + rubella + mumps) in which children are vaccinated twice at the age of (12 months + 18 months).

It reviewed the situation of sending medical aid to Tunisia and Sudan in accordance with the instructions of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on support for the health sector in both fraternal countries and to help cope with the Corona pandemic virus, noting that the brothers were in Tunisia sent 32 tons of medical aid. Preparations are underway to send about 55 tons of other aid to be sent as soon as possible, adding that medical aid to the fraternal republic of Sudan is medical equipment, medicines, oxygen cylinders and a vaccine for the emerging coronary virus..

Regarding the implementation of the initiative of the President of the Republic Abdel Fattah El-Sisi regarding the treatment of patients with muscular dystrophy, the Minister of Health stated that 24 clinics were allocated at the national level to receive children with muscular dystrophy and to provide health services with genetic treatment of children with muscular dystrophy. 3 centers have been designated to treat patients with muscular dystrophy, a center at Nasser Institute Hospital, a center at Al-Galaa Hospital The Armed Forces added in addition to Ain Shams University Hospital Center that an open telephone number (106) has been assigned to receive citizens inquiries about initiative and that the initiative is completed. We are now discussing 25 cases and injections are underway for 8 of them.

The Minister stated that the first phase of the initiative, the national plasma donation project, will be launched with regard to the Presidential Initiative on Plasma Derivatives Production and Self-Sufficiency, as plasma collection will begin with 6 collection centers in Cairo, Alexandria, Gharbia and Minya , with a total of about 90 chairs with an assembly capacity of 150 thousand – 200 thousand liters.

Regarding the national project of early detection of genetic diseases in newborns, the minister explained that blood samples were collected in the hospitals of the Cairo governorate in order to start activating the neonatal program in kindergartens to detect 19 metabolic diseases, provided the program is activated. in all kindergartens of the republic in the month.

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