Governor of Dakahlia opens a farm in Lake Manzal Photos


Governor Dakahlia, d. Kamal Sharubim, on Wednesday, a fish farm on Lake Manzala, accompanied by dr. Mona Mehrez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

At the opening of the farm, the governor confirmed that the Manzal lake is characterized by several types of fish, and in cooperation with the fisheries agency, it deals with the doubling of production in the lake, noting that the province provides the necessary support to fishermen and farmers.

He added that the state, not only the province, is striving to increase the efficiency of Lake Manzala, and that by removing violations and developing production tools, we cleaned up and enlarged the area.

On the other hand, Sharubim stressed that he is working to increase the productivity of the lake and to open up new markets to the governor to cover all ports and complexes to meet the needs of the local market by exporting the surplus to the rest of the world.

For his work, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, he supported the full support of the Ministry of the Lake Manzala development and provided the necessary support to increase efficiency. She emphasized that its development is part of the national development project.

"Sharubim" and "Mehrez" opened a farm

"Sharubim" and "Mehrez" opened a farm

"Sharubim" and "Mehrez" opened a farm


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