For the first time … Naseem Maalouf in the opera music workshop


She did it Dar Opera Under the guidance of dr. Magdy Sabera organized a workshop and lectured athletes and academics at 12 am on Sunday, November 18, in a drill, in agreement with the Lebanese International Throwbucker Naseem Maalouf, the inventor of the Oriental Trumpet.

Dr. Magdy Baghdadi, head of the art house, who said that when he knew about the presence of Maalouf in Cairo, he was happy to communicate with him in order to exploit his technical knowledge. Baghdadi emphasized that he is important as a musician, composer and inventor of the oriental trumpet, adding to the fourth youth a fourth ton, the Eastern Province.

Naseem Maalouf was born in 1940 in Kafr Aqaba, Lebanon. He is a musician, composer and professor who graduated from Paris at the International Music Museum in Paris in 1970, which Maurice André taught at the National Musical Institute in Beirut, and in 1976 returned to Paris Teaching and playing solo in Baroque music in various musical institutes in Paris for over 45 years.


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