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Currency rates Sunday, July 14, 2015 The price of the US dollar, the euro and other currencies


We offer all our valued visitors Currency courses today Sunday 14 / 7-2019 The price of the US dollar, the euro and other currencies, many Egyptians, especially those working on the stock exchange, are looking for Currency rates We update the prices on a daily basis in the event of any change in them, and all prices are explained in a table that includes selling and buying prices for all currencies, whether Arab or foreign, against the Egyptian pound. Qatari Riyal, Jordanian Dinar, Kuwaiti Dinar, UAE Dirham).

Currency rates on Sunday, 14-7-2019

Stories Currency courses today The state of gradual decline in recent weeks has been moving The dollar course today Between 16.56 and 16.58 for the purchase, while the average selling price was between 16.66 to 16.68, while The price of the euro today Most banks have settled on the price Saudi Riyal today However, it decreased slightly, especially with the advent of the Umrah season and the approaching pilgrimage season.

Exchange rates

The currency market in Egypt is in a state of gradual decline, where the average The price of a pound today In the National Bank 20.82 for the purchase, while the average selling price is 21,018 pounds, either Цена евро The average price in banks was 18.64 for the purchase and 18.80 for sale, followed by a table of exchange rates, which is updated as soon as the prices in Egyptian banks change.

  • Dollar Rate Today

Stories The price of the US dollar Egyptian banks have gradually dwindled, especially over the last three months, as in recent years, due to the low level of imports, the Egyptian domestic market has lost more than 90 piasters against the Egyptian pound. The Egyptian industry, as well as the abolition of customs duties on European cars, which led to an increase in the supply of green currency in the Egyptian market.

The dollar's price today in Egyptian banks

Highest price to buy: 16.57

Bank for Industrial Development

Lowest price: 16.65

National Bank of Kuwait NBK

Like a bankPurchase priceSelling priceSince the last run
Bank for Industrial Development16.5716.674 days
Bank of Egypt16.5716.677 days
Egyptian Gulf Bank16.5716.677 days
United Bank16.5716.674 days
Arab International Banking Company16.5716.677 days
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)16.5716.675 days
Credit Agricole16.5716.674 days
Bank Al Baraka16.5716.676 days
Bank Suez Canal16.5716.675 days
National Bank of Egypt16.5716.677 days
Bank Audi16.5716.677 days
Bank Mashreq16.5716.67One week
HSBC16.5716.677 days
Arab International Bank16.5616.66Two weeks
Arab Investment Bank16.5616.663 days
Bloom Bank16.5616.666 days
Banque Misr Iran Development16.5616.663 days
Housing and Development Bank16.5616.66One week
National Bank of Greece16.5616.666 days
Egyptian Export Development Bank16.5616.666 days
Central Bank of Egypt16.5516.683 days
International Commercial Bank (CIB)16.5516.65Two weeks
Alexandria Bank16.5516.657 days
Arab Bank16.5516.654 days
National Bank of Kuwait NBK16.5516.653 days
  • The price of the euro today

Saw Цена евро The day was slightly higher in all banks, with the European currency increasing by 18.64 when it was bought and 18.80 for sale in the NBK, while the Arab International Bank recorded 18.63 for the purchase and 18.79 for sale .

The price of the euro today in Egyptian banks

Highest price to buy: 18.67

Central Bank of Egypt

Lowest price: 18.69

Arab International Banking Company

Like a bankPurchase priceSelling priceSince the last run
Central Bank of Egypt18.6718.823 days
Arab Investment Bank18.6318.793 days
Bloom Bank18.6318.7951 minutes
National Bank of Egypt18.6218.80Two hours
Bank of Egypt18.6218.80Two hours
Bank Mashreq18.6218.801 hour
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)18.6218.80Two hours
Bank for Industrial Development18.6218.801 hour
United Bank18.6218.80Two hours
National Bank of Kuwait NBK18.6218.793 days
Bank Audi18.6218.801 hour
Bank Suez Canal18.6218.8051 minutes
Egyptian Gulf Bank18.6218.80Two hours
Arab International Bank18.6118.79Two hours
National Bank of Greece18.6118.7851 minutes
Egyptian Export Development Bank18.6118.78Two hours
Arab Bank18.6018.7742 minutes
International Commercial Bank (CIB)18.6018.77Two hours
Alexandria Bank18.6018.783 days
Bank Al Baraka18.5718.873 days
Credit Agricole18.5618.744 days
Arab International Banking Company18.5618.694 days
HSBC18.5618.764 days
Banque Misr Iran Development18.5418.88Two hours
Housing and Development Bank18.5118.893 days
  • The average price of the remaining foreign currencies in the National Bank
Exchange rates
Exchange rates

Exchange currencies today

As for the Arab currencies, it is stable Saudi Rial exchange rates today At the National Bank 4.42 for the purchase, while the selling price is 4.46, while the average price is AED 4.59 for purchase and 4.61 for sale, and below are the prices of the Arab currencies in some banks.

  • Saudi exchange rate

The price of the Saudi riyal today in Egyptian banks

Highest price to buy: 4.42

Egyptian Gulf Bank

Lowest price: 4.44

Arab Bank

Like a bankPurchase priceSelling priceSince the last run
Egyptian Gulf Bank4.424.45Two hours
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)4.424.4521 minutes
HSBC4.424.444 days
Bank Audi4.424.451 hour
Bloom Bank4.424.4412 minutes
Central Bank of Egypt4.414.453 days
Arab Bank4.414.4442 minutes
National Bank of Egypt4.414.45Two hours
Bank of Egypt4.414.45Two hours
Bank Suez Canal4.414.4551 minutes
Arab Investment Bank4.404.443 days
Arab International Banking Company4.404.446 days
Egyptian Export Development Bank4.404.443 days
Bank Mashreq4.404.451 hour
International Commercial Bank (CIB)4.404.44Two hours
Credit Agricole4.404.444 days
Banque Misr Iran Development4.394.45Two hours
National Bank of Greece4.394.4551 minutes
Arab International Bank4.394.44Two weeks
United Bank4.394.454 days
National Bank of Kuwait NBK4.394.453 days
Alexandria Bank4.384.443 days
Bank for Industrial Development4.384.451 hour
Bank Al Baraka4.354.483 days
Housing and Development Bank4.344.48One week
  • Prices of other Arab currencies in the National Bank of Egypt
Exchange rates
Exchange rates
Currency courses today
Currency courses today

Currencies are on the black market today

Stories Currency on the black market The state of decline, in line with the price reduction in Egyptian banks, since the decision to float the dollar by the central bank governor, prices Currencies In the black market, it did not differ significantly from prices in banks, where the difference was recorded in ten piasters Price of the dollar today on the black market Amount 16.70 for the purchase, while the selling price is 16.80 pounds, while about Saudi exchange rate EGP 4.45 and EGP 4.47.

Currency expectations for the future period

These currencies are exposed to many factors, in particular the supply and demand legislation, in particular after the liberalization of the Egyptian pound against all currencies, as the currency market is gradually declining due to the powerful Egyptian government in terms of local production and the reduction in imports of certain raw materials and commodities. Just like the price of Saudi Riyals, especially since the beginning of the Hajj and Umra season, and an increase in demand for it.

Update: Currency exchange rates today

  • Full stability in Price of Arab and foreign currencies today Sunday 14-7-2019 in Egyptian banks, where he wrote The price of the US dollar today The average is 16.57 for the purchase, and 16.67 for sale, while the average record European euro today 18.64 pounds to buy, and a sales price of 18.81 pounds, While the average record Price dirhama UAE today If you want to buy 4.50, while the selling price is 4.53, these prices can vary significantly or slightly differ from real prices on the free market or are called black market, Follow us Arab and foreign exchange rates The banks in Egypt are periodically updated as soon as prices change to any of the Egyptian banks.
  • Average aligned Dollar Rate Today In banks in Egypt at 16.55 for the purchase and 16.65 for sale in most banks.

We welcome your expectations Customer pricesC In the coming period.

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