Saturday , July 24 2021

Crime on the “back sofa”. Drugs and underwear were found in the incident with the “Uber” car

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Investigations have revealed new details in the search for the bodies of an Uber driver and a girl in an Uber angel car in Haram’s garage. The deceased put on a sex party in the back seat of the car, closed all the windows to keep out the sounds, took drugs together and practiced indecently until they were out of breath due to suffocation.

The Haram Police Department received a report from residents of an unpleasant odor from my owners ’car in the garage, and the Police Department moved to the location of the report and the bodies of the Uber 27 and 21-year-old driver were found along with their personal belongings at the crash site.

Security services listened to the statements of the property owner, relatives of the deceased and many eyewitnesses, and the scene of the accident witnessed the collapse of the girl’s father after he saw his daughter’s body in the car. Investigations said the young man and girl died of suffocation while practicing dirt on the back couch of the car.

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Investigations revealed that the driver had a romantic relationship with the girl two months ago. The car and her had an illegal relationship until she was breathing due to the saturation of her lungs with carbon dioxide because all the ventilation doors in the car were closed.

At the same time, the Haram Police Department received a report from the housewife last Sunday evening, confirming that her son, 27-year-old Ahmed, an Uber driver, was not present at the house. employee on the disappearance of a 21-year-old daughter. A search team was set up by the Giza security forces to reveal the circumstances of the incident and the disappearance of the rapporteur.

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