Saturday , March 6 2021

5 Statements of "Hani Adel" for "homeland" before the presentation of "the crime of the Imobilia"

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The Egyptian film "The Crime of Imobilia" is part of an official section outside the competition at the Cairo Film Festival at its fortieth session, due to begin next Tuesday.

The work is co-organized by Hani Adel, Nahed Sibai, Tariq Abdul Aziz, Dua Taima, Youssef Ismael, Grant Zaitoun, Latifa Fahmy, Hassan Harb and Yasmin Al-Hawari, directed and directed by Khaled Al-Hajar.

Hani Adel, the hero of the "homeland" work, and this was the most important 5 statements for him.

– I am very happy and proud that the first film tournaments were selected at Cairo Film Festival

– I am very responsible to continue, I hope that the work will appear in the best picture and give an impression to viewers.

– A work related to the story of architecture, which was shown to us by director Khaled Al-Hajar.

– The movie turns between reality and fiction. The story of a murder is going to happen.

– Film belongs to the quality of movies.

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