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Thanks to our lips, we can talk, laugh, and kiss, so we can not ignore their care. Especially cold winter often causes our lips to fall apart in the blood and the pains blow out the corners. Their skin can not provide food or hydrate oneself, so they are completely dependent on the external care we offer. Do not expect pain and bad vision of your lips, take care of them and prevent them preventively.

Metallic times come …

Polls speak clearly. A total of 64% of the Czech population uses hydration only if there is a problem. In winter almost a third of the Czechs suffer from dry and cracked lips. Enemy number one is drought and frost. Do not think that these are the only harmful factors. In addition, we should not forget about UV rays, air-conditioned rooms, winds, in winter, as well as in heated and unformed rooms.

The worst thing you can do in winter is licking your lips. This method of hydrating the sensitive skin greatly hurts and dries it even further. The lips do not contain almost any subcutaneous fat, so they do not have the opportunity for natural lardiness like the rest of the body. Using lip balm, which is moisturizing, nutritious and protective factor, is simply a necessity.

Our tip:

Lip Care - 5

* Lip Balm Lip Balm, apricot and bee wax (119 CZK). Natural lip balm, moisturizing and soothing lilac extract, beeswax, colored apricot oil, shea butter and vitamin E is an ideal care that gives your lips excellent regeneration, nutrition and protection.

* Labello Mango Shine Lip Balm (CZK 62). Labello Mango Shine Toning Mango flavor and color pigments give your lips a glow and gentle color. She has long lasting hydration and care for her lips.

* Limited edition lipstick Astrid TERIBEAR (39.90 CZK). Lipstick enriched with cocoa butter, Jojoba oil and vitamin E helps the lips effectively moisture and protect them and leave them soft and willful. Adding UV filters helps protect your lips against sunlight. Hydrasoft-enhanced, active moisturizing complex with natural oils and wax helps to protect your lips from drying while keeping them soft and willful. The purchase will contribute 5 CZK to the children of Terezine Maxe and help abandoned children together to find a new, happy home.

* Lip Balm Yves Rocher, Christmas limited edition, taste of golden tea or red apples (CZK 69).

* Eyes visible Soft Pure Softness Lip Balm (CZK 169). Rich shea butter and cocoa butter strengthen the natural skin barrier and effectively protect the skin from external influences and drying. Natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and beeswax, give the dry mouth maximum hydration. For sensitive skin is an ideal and delicate, neutral scent.

When your lips are called S.O.S.

The quickest and most effective way to care for your lips is balm. It provides quick relief and, if properly designed, it is healthy cracks and can cure minor inflammation or hives. According to a survey conducted by NMS Market Research for Blistex, the most used form in the Czech Republic is the balm in the bar, which is preferred by 86% of the respondents. If you are already using balsam, but you still do not treat your lips, you may have missed some important food ingredients that you have in poor drinking mode. Eat lots of vitamins, especially from group B, as well as vitamin A. Zinc minerals are especially useful.

Lip Care - 4th place

"The skin needs to be hydrated not only from the outside, but also from the inside, taking into account the way you drink and your skin will thank you." However, with the desired alcoholic beverages, you can not achieve the desired effects. It's better for non-sparkling water and unsweetened teas, "says Susan Bowerman, a Herbalife expert. If you do not like plain water, immerse it with fresh lemon, lime or orange juice. Citrus contains antioxidants that have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin.


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Even the lips help peel

Massage your lips with regular peeling or create your own, such as honey and sugar, every 2 weeks. You can also use a fine toothbrush that you can use to move your lips repeatedly. On the market you can also find intense moisturizing lips, as well as thick butter, just use a thicker layer and allow it to slowly absorb, such as TV evening.

When it comes to lips, especially in the corners, use bales and local medicinal preparations, such as cannabis, cloves or eucalyptus, menthol or camphor, which provide instant help and soothe irritated skin.

Our tip:

Lip Care - 1

* Lush Cranberry Fizz Makeup (245 CZK / pc). Inevitable combinations of peeling of sugar and essential oil lipids can not be overburdened. Hydration was jojoba, peach oil and cranberry, and softening shea butter provide silky softness

* Food supplements Liftea COLAGENOVA HA (390 g, 599 Kč, sold by health-liftea.cz). It is very good to prepare a delicious drink (it can be dissolved in water, milk or yogurt) with a high content of hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid. It supports the beauty and elasticity of the skin, but also enjoys your joints, hair and nails.

* LR Aloe Vera balm for winter lips (285 CZK sold by vivantis.cz). Thanks to sheaheth, Aloe Vera and vitamin C, your lips will be hydrated, long lasting, significantly finer and elastic. The balsam creates a protective foil against dry and cracked lips.

* Dexilip gel (99 Kč, available at pharmacy.cz). Designed for the daily care of cracked lips, especially in the area of ​​oral corners.

Wear a scarf

Temperature shifts, sharp frosts, cold winds – unpleasant weather conditions indicate the appearance of our skin, which is particularly sensitive and more susceptible to irritation during this time. "If you want to achieve healthy and beautiful skin, you need to be prepared both for the heat of the home and for the outside cold. When a severe temperature change occurs, your skin suffers and responds to itching, drying and sensitivity. The dry air causes small cracks that are not only painful , but also serve for the unwanted disposal of dirt, "explains Susan Bowerman. The lips are most visible, but the whole person suffers. Try the creams enriched with shea butter, olive or coconut oil – not only smells good, but provide the skin with the necessary nutrients. That's why in the winter you have to make a big scarf, in which the face in unfavorable weather conditions is as cold as possible.

Makeup only for healthy lips

Waxed and decorated lips will certainly not save any makeup. First he heals and nourishes – peeling, brushing massage, intense moisturizing mask will make its appearance and the result will be visible fairly quickly. If you often peel off your skin, wash your lips with a soft toothbrush that is fortified every night in warm water and color. Put on moisturizing balm with honey, beeswax, natural oils, chamomile or shea butter.

Choose lipsticks ideally with vitamin E and UV-factor that protects your lips. There must be no moisturizing ingredients, which fortunately today offers a whole range of beautiful and high-quality lipsticks or dyes.

Our tip:

Lip Care - 3

* Moisturizing lipstick Labello (in 5 shades, eg Coral and Blackcherry, 140 CZK / pc). New oral balsam with intense color, care for composition and ability. The combination of special pigments gives the lips intense and shiny color. Luxury natural oils, avocado and jojoba intensely moisturise the delicate, thin skin of the lips, keeping it soft and soft.

* Lipstick Benecos Natural Makeup (CZK 145, sale cosmetics-benecos.cz). Cream lipstick with active ingredients such as organic sunflower oil, beeswax and jojoba in ecological quality, nourish and protect your lips.

* Lip Brilliance Blistex SPF 15 (99 Kč, available at kupkosmetiku.cz). Moisturizes, adds shine and color to the lips. In addition, it contains a hyaluronic acid microsurfer for the feeling of more perfect lips and extract from the real silk and shea butter for velvety fine lips.

* Lipstick Makeup (349 Kč, available in Marionnaud perfumery network). On your lips brings beautiful saturated colors and pleasing velvety staining. Thanks to its pigmentation it lasts up to six hours on the lips and enjoys a pleasant vanilla odor. The cream-coat refreshes your lips and thanks to the enrichment with shea butter, it also takes care of them.


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