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The protagonist of Zaklnae was not Geralt, the creators revealed cult games

Curse 3: Heart of stone
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Although less than twenty years have passed since the release of the last fantasy sgy book about Zaklnai, this character is at the very top today. The popularity of adaptations of games and series is so great that their creators have opted for a virtual meeting with fans called WitcherCon.

United Kingdom

Ukzka from the canceled version of Zaklnae, the game at the time was reminiscent of Diablo.

During the project, the developers of the CD project drew attention to the difficult development of their first debt. Although he saw the light of day in 2007, he started working with her in 2002. At the time, the concepts didn’t even remind us of a game we all know in the end (see our ratings).

Originally, it was supposed to be the acne devil, the highly inspired console event Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance (our review). Designers Phillipp Weber and Baej Augustynek have now revealed that Geralt’s main character shouldn’t even be a curse.

For the first few years, we worked with the thought that anyone could create their own database in the editor and then explore new lands with it, they revealed during a long discussion board. It was only in the end that they came to the conclusion that when the game is called Zaklna, people would want to play for Geralt, despite access to the book being mostly a big problem.

The witch

Geralt’s image faded.

By the way, its author Andrzej Sapkowski sold the author unlimited first, using it for only 35 thousand zlotys (about 200 thousand crowns), and gave up all his share in the following profits because he did not understand the video game and we do not know the rush. He later paid for this decision and even got it in court (see article), today I am happy with them. On the one hand, he and his development in the context of maintaining good relations beyond the scope of the contract went to the second share (Article n), and on the other hand, he treated profitable contracts with Netflix.

Who cares if this happy ending ever really turns out to be if we were left in our city of Geralt to play for some generic fighter.

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