The first meeting of the new Prague Assembly is a storm, the opposition demands personnel changes


After the start of today's meeting, all newly elected representatives first promised. All 65 members of the world were present. They then began to discuss the program, the main point being the choice of city leadership.

Patrik Nacher (ANO) said he will appoint Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09 / United Force) as mayor of the ANO, as he is politically more experienced. "We believe that we would better manage the management of this city," he said. He added that the movement would also require that the head of Prague's head Jan Čižinský become deputy for education. Neither Pospíšil and Čižinský will not advise on the plans of the coalition, but will be only the presidents of representative clubs. Both opposition parties criticize this, and they call it avoided responsibility.

Alexandra Udjenija (ODS) said before the talks that democratic citizens would invite the coalition to reconsider the planned allocation of seats in the committees. Representatives of the coalition have already said that they want nine-member committees, with six coalitions and three opposition parties. In the past there were five to four, for which ODS is now requesting. Nacher said that the DA would, as a compromise, suggest that the committees have five members, one for each body, which corresponds to the results of the elections and, in addition, saves money in the city.

Both opposition parties also want the coalition to have fewer job vacancies, Those who receive a salary. Now, Udenchia should be 21, which is three more than in the previous period. Hobbot previously said CTK to be empty representatives 20.

Zdeněk Zajíček (ODS) said that citizens' democrats will propose a change to the Assembly's Rules of Procedure on the agenda. They want the function of the proxy to be permanently negotiated with the mandate of the whole assembly with other state authorities and private entities on difficult problems in Prague. YES in the program will propose that the world undertakes not to restrict the individual car transport within this mandate.

The elections in Prague were won by the ODS, it has 14 seats and should occupy the paid position of the president of the audit committee. In second place, the pirates ended with 13 representatives, the same number as the Third Prague Room and the fourth United Force for Prague. YES has 12 representatives.


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