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Skoda Scala in the elk test? Her behavior is not surprising


Skoda Scala has already passed Euro NCAP tests, where it has received the full number of stars. But how at high speeds will she behave in a challenging lottery test?

Skoda Scala has received a number of safety systems, which have already provided a full score in Euro NCAP tests. But how will he do the lottery test, which can still torment modern cars? Our Spanish colleagues, km77, took Scala on their famous polygon.

The test is always the same: the car moves between a series of cones, performs a sharp maneuver to the left, and then returns to the original track with a sharp maneuver. The KM77 then estimates not only the maximum speed with which the car can control the maneuver, without colliding the cones, but also the behavior of the car and its predictability.

The Km77 video, which is featured on its YouTube channel, includes three hair tests. During the first time the driver does not have a car experience, Scala sinks into an escape maneuver at a speed of 79 km / h and runs with one cone. When the test driver focuses on the highest speed at which Scala can operate a bevel without bevel shots, it can reach up to 79 km / h.

The driver's assessment shows that Scala always behaves in the same and relatively predictable way. During the first change of direction, there is a slight submersion, and when it returns to the original track, the driver fought with a slight overrun. However, there were no major problems. However, from the shots we can see that the car sometimes separates from a single bicycle asphalt and thus turns only three plants.

Scala, however, has remained relatively responsive to handling at higher speeds, as can be seen from the third attempt, when the driver completes the test at a speed of 83 km / h. On the way, they strike two cones, but still hold the car under control and it seems to have no major problems with maneuverability.

During the test, the "first edition" of the 1.5 TSI Škoda Scala was used in combination with the automatic transmission of the DSG. which was also equipped with a flexible chassis. During the slalom it turned out that even the chassis switching in the sports mode did not have too much impact on the body's inclination. Nevertheless, Scala got a good score from the test, although there are also cars that have better off in some disciplines.

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