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Samsung sells one million Samsung products annually, says Tomas Balik, director of the Czech branch –


Tomas Balik became director of Samsung Electronics of the Czech and Slovak mobile divisions in December last year when he replaced Roman Sebek. He is responsible for marketing and sales of products in the division covering all mobile devices and related services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics in Prague.

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Tomas Balik, Head of Mobile Phone Division of Samsung CZ & SK

He came to Samsung from Datart, so electronics of all kinds are certainly no foreigners. What is the position of the Czech Samsung in Europe, what is the market leader or what future is it in folding phones? Are Czech customers much more loyal to the brand or do they pay primarily for the purchase price? This and much more has been shown in an interview given to us at Samsung's headquarters in Prague Chodov.

TL: DR: What did Tomáš Balík say?

  • "Three million phones will be sold in the Czech Republic, of which million will be sold to Samsung"
  • "Half of Galaxy S10's are sold more than" e-9 "and we achieve a wide range of customers' tastes, especially after last year's Galaxy S9 that did not work according to plans."
  • "I think that the smart center of 2020 could connect all devices of different brands at home"
  • "The safety of our phones is high, but ordinary people do not care about what I really do not understand."
  • "Czech Republic has the largest share of online mobile phone sales in Europe right behind Slovakia"
  • "Good news, you can try the Galaxy M20 on Samsung brands. At the same time we agreed with, which is already selling. "
  • "Galaxy A40, A50, A70, whatever we say, is on the TOP10 market according to the latest data"
  • "The theater portfolio has expanded and there are many surprises before us"
  • "I have three kids myself and I see the biggest rotation of phones in my children"
  • »Fold? I had it in my hand. You better be careful if there are problems, we do not want to be hurried
  • "The fact that it may have happened that a fly happens, even if it did not happen. We started again and better. "
  • "We believe that the introduction of Fold in the Czech Republic will move at the turn of the year 2020"
  • "We want to sell the product at a price that it must have and keep it. We want to add some added value instead of discounts
  • "In the Czech Republic, we expect 5G in 2020, not earlier, but in the second half of the year"
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