Tuesday , October 26 2021

Rangers did not give an official incentive, Sparta takes a step without UEFA without emotion


On Monday evening, the European Football Association briefly announced that an inspector would be appointed to deal with the matter in accordance with Article 31 (4) of the Disciplinary Code.

I should first ask the delegates that UEFA has transferred to the match what the decisions are, the delegate and the so-called venue director or director to ensure a return.

The inspector should not have found anything in them to prove the accusation of Scottish activists and people from a racist breeding audience, only children aged six to thirteen.

Turkey, Ali Palabiyik and the Dutch delegate did not lodge a complaint, nor did Rangers FC himself.

UEFA has appointed an inspector, which will include in particular the basis of an unspecified external company or those circulating in public space.

In this case, we have no reason to change anything in our opinion. We unequivocally insist on the fact that a day of racist breeding of a child audience is not possible, Kask stressed. As far as we know, even the delegated people from UEFA did not notice anything racist.

Another look was Aamer Anwar, an activist of Pakistani descent and the first member of Finnish ranger Glen Kamara.

Although the stadium was filled with tens of thousands of stamps, many of these children were in contact with Glen and all the other Rangers, said Anwar, who was not in Prague at all.

The path was pidala and britsk mdia.

Guest coach Steven Gerrard said immediately after the press conference, when asked by a British reporter if he had heard manifestations of racism, that he did not notice it at all.

The second day after leaving for Scotland, the bag turned over. I let go of the sound and heard it, Gerrard said. The official club of the European national football team has not sent an official document.

Sparta has denied allegations of racist breeding. She was defended by the president of the Football Association (FAR) Petr Fousek, pm aktr utkn. Sparta also heard support from the Slavic team of Jaroslav Tvrdek.

However, the incursions of British Copper, former Rangers and Scottish Association officials were intensifying. For example, equality and diversity consultant Marvin Bartley, who also speaks to the public as an activist, compared the echoes to fruit.

The Czech political scene also responded to this. Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhnek called on British Ambassador Nick Archer to the extent of Interior Minister Jan Hamek. He urged the ambassador to interpret the Scottish Football Association enough for an apology or a clear distance.

The next interior minister and SSD president, Hamek, called on Snmovn fans to welcome the possible start of the return match in Glasgow, where Sparta will take office on 25 November.

Caution reigns in the city. We have taken steps to increase the security of Czech citizens in Scotland, Hamek said.

In the letter, I turned to the Scottish Home Secretary and asked him to pay attention to the safety of Czech citizens in Scotland. These can be fans, tourists, as well as people on business trips.

Afra has a running habit when the Rangers are in the round of 16 of the European League Championships in Slavia. In revenge in Glasgow, in a certain state when the brutal footsteps of home matches were multiplying, the slogan Ondej Kdela asked Kamar something.

He accused him of a racist statement and physically assaulted him a few minutes after his return. Where he acknowledged vulgarity.

The UEFA disciplinary commission has made unfounded accusations and stopped Kyle’s activities for ten matches in international affairs. Kdela appealed to the International Sports Court in Lausaunn (CAS), although he was serving his sentence.

The disciplinary commission stopped activities at these matches for Kamar to flow to Kdel.

When a black Finnish villain boarded Spart, he resented it. When he received a red card, the Danish audience accompanied him with a shower.

Sparta was forced to watch the duel with the Rangers due to the racist breeding of girls in the duel with Monaco. As an exception, the UEFA bag could be dropped by children in the stands.

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