Pearl Marie Antoinette at auction for a record of $ 32 million


Update: 15.11.2018 01:09

Geneva – Pearl Pendant, which once belonged to French Queen Maria Antoinette, sold 32 million dollars (736 million krunas) at auction house Sotheby's in Geneva today. According to Sotheby's, this is the record price for the sound that is sold at the auction. An auction of gems from Parma Bourbon's property earned more than 53 million Swiss francs (1.2 billion crowns).

"Pearl of Queen Marie Antoinette", as a pendant with a large pearl and diamond named, was one of the most anticipated hundreds of items sold. The estimated prize price, like the other jewelry offered in this block, ranged from one to two million dollars.

But the new owner of a precious gem will pay more than just a reward. With all fees, the purchase will amount to $ 36,165,000, published on its website.

The auction attracted the attention of dozens of gems originally belonging to Marie Antoinette, the wife of King Louis XVI and the daughter of the Czech Queen Maria Theresa. Jewelry, including pearl necklaces, brooches or diamond earrings, was dashed with fate. Some of them, Marie Antoinette, sent in 1791 via Brussels to Vienna, hoping to soon meet the Austrian family. Her husband and her husband were executed two years later. The only surviving daughter of Maria Theresa, who married Louis Anthony Bourbon, has won jewelry. The Bourbon-Parma dynasty remains 200 years old.






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