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Online: Djokovi – Federer, Wimbledon – mui


Roger Federer

Vtz did not enter the 20th season of the Grand Slam title. He failed to defend himself at the Australian Open, but he did not steal in extreme dramatic series about Stefanos Cicipas in eight finals. But Federer quickly tasted when he could raise the trophy for a live tournament in Dubai and return to the young Ecu. So on American concrete, a dukedom. He went from Indian Wells to Finnish pork meat against Thiem, and in Miami he defeated his opponent and climbed to the top. After crossing the clay Federer with his right leg did not enter into a mighty duel in m after injury. But on the French Open he was in full shape. According to previous technical roles, Federer landed in the semifinals where Rafael Nadal was late in the game.

Roger Federer starts at Wimbledon after twenty-one in an ad! He performed for the first time in London in 1999, and since then he has not missed a single pot! First, in the first round of southern Novak, but from then on on the two-day effort of the eighth cell to the end. The first finale of 2003 was the car with Mark Phillippoussis in the technical assemblies he gave him the following. The last time Federer became a Wimbledon amp two years ago when he did not lose a single set in trophies. At the time, she was very easy to play Marina Ilija. At the end of the year, sweating broke out in Anderson and 11:13 on the decisive set of ptm.

This year, the unbreakable situation against Lloyd Harris was to be eliminated right in the water, but after the lost first set he completely overcame. Neither Clarke nor Pouille Federer suffered anything. The easiest result was the Swiss eighth finals against Matteo Berretti, who played only five games. So Kei Niikori could survive only Basel's mother in the first set, and then Federer clearly broke up and picked up. Semifinals offered a duel of two traditions. Nadal managed to reach 1: 1, but he could not sweat sweat and Federer advanced to the finals after a set.

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