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The performance is on Saturday evening, more or less in the evening and at night, open the doors (even later) of the eskch theater, is connected with today's ten-year European Theater Night project. They are not the only ones in theatrical business, usually investing in the tour, discussing phenomena, in the aspect, techniques, workshops, music, lectures and so on. Divk is a guest and an active guest.

In about a dozen cities, hundreds of events, which represent a truly massive event, are full of non-traditional galleries and other cultural events in the free time and free of charge.

Due to Latvian nightly theaters on the date of this country are historically overwhelmed and emotional on the 17th of November, it is no wonder that there are programs that are related to this date.

Where is? Where? It was a revolution for the first time … to invite you to the nvtv, for example, the brunette of Divadlo Husa on the convoy. He invites to his troubles, full of energy, revolutionary talents, forgetfulness of persons, props, relives, djinn, weddings, joy and sadness, blessings and prince and mist. Mon is the wind of evolution. (Prohldka runs from 20 to 23 hours, quarter time, in groups of more than forty people.)

Production of Russian
Production of Russian

Thus, Vklava Havel wants you to remember that the theater and the revolution have been repeated several times in the history of the esk. So, for a night theater in 2018, she produced a film about the exponent of experimental production Power of the helpless. The text is based on Vclav Havl (Power of the helpless, Olga pisma and put) and Vladimir Hanzel (Accelerating heart rate) and does not play in the theater, but in the public space Nrodn td or Vltava nbe. Reisr Ji Honzrek pipout, the text is useless, but promises a walk in the true sense of the theater, playing words, actions, movement, pictures and music in the main role.

The play with songs and the combination of various theatrical interventions is the essence of the performance of one artist and one commentator in the production of Divadlo arha Russians? according to Jan Burianju, to answer the question of how to deal with the eso-Russian traumas of the occupation of eighty-nine Russians who are still in composition. The bag is revealed by spectacular monuments of theater changes, a project of the running theater of the theater, which has struck (and cock) an exceptional development since the time of E. F. Burian.

The Drak Theater in Hradec Krlov also invited: Enter the Dragon Machine and see the mysterious theater life that you have not dreamed of. And if you are reading bt dttem, or sp dosplm, Automat Drak is right!

We assume that the whole of the republic hopes for a great deal of potential for the night of man and art. The program is ready for many, in rocky venues and alternatives, even in plenary. By their nature they remain, but with the duty the viewers look at them.

The two-way approach is the fact that the capabilities have been used quickly to apply quickly. He is still convinced that he is walking along the road and see where he is. Players, actors, authors and dramaturgees, live musicians, musicians and everyone who have dramatic art in the restaurant are ready.


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