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LIVE: Nightwish enjoyed Prague, but they were not surprised

November 19, 2018

The main and, in fact, the only added value of the new choice is to restore the sound quality, which is particularly appreciated by audiophiles, which is an important part of the listeners of metal music.

And in terms of purity, in the case of the Beast in black, where the frontman took care of wonderful, pure singing, as well as the noise of a good man. The fans of the eighty metallic metals come alone and do not have enough, they will first get in January when their second record comes in, and then in the summer, when the group looks at Pilsen Metalfest.

FOTOREPORT: Nightwish filled the O2 arena, a fiery show by King Jansen

The main stars of their two-hour performance were in precisely the same scenario that worked on previous European bouts. It is known that they are now in a country where there is no room for improvisation. After all, this is in all screenshots, pyrotechnic articles, token chips, and other instruments with which Nightwish must be in synchronized symbiosis or otherwise. And what we are talking about is a little embarrassing because nature, human error, and unexpected situations in half an hour are often a stronger experience than rachella with ten shots.

But in any case, fans can hardly escape because they did not get what they came for. So, a large set of classic hits of symphonic metal, which could not be missed Mommy, I want an angel, I want my tears back or from a newer song today, a fully established single Элан. Jansen's flooring skills were also excellent in vocals The song Dead Boy's and decision Come on, come on, the rest of the gang, of course, managed to do a good job, with special praises for tireless drummer Jukka Nevalainen.

The behavior of the fans on this was a huge threat and an endless head. Unfortunately, this refers only to the first line in the standing area. Wonderful view of the sold out hall in the back and on two floors, atmosphere in the audience, but unfortunately the boiler remained for the anticipation. Unfortunately, there were not even individuals who assembled each other on a tablet PC. Although the narrator demanded a voice in the introduction, "give at least two hours of peace from this digital bond".

And while Nightwish, with all due respect to them, did not do anything new, what would make the recording so right. Nevertheless, it is logical, depending on the opportunities created by this tour. It's possible to be impressed with their performances, as it was definitely excellent, but unfortunately this was not possible, according to a very similar concert we saw in the Finnish six on the Tipsport arena. Considering the time lag program this time, we estimate slightly above the average and we are looking for the next level in the Czech Republic. Maybe with a new album.

Setlist: The dark chest of wonders, the desire to have an angel, the 10th Man Down, come to me, Getsemana, Elan, Zakrament Wild, the song of the dead boy, Elvenjig (Traditionally), Elvenpath, I want my tears Back, Carpenter, The Kinslayer, Devil & Deep Dark Ocean, Nemo, Slaying The Dreamer, The Greatest Performance on Earth, Ghost Love Score

text: Jan Trávníček, photo: Marek Holoubek

Topics: Nightwish, Floor Jansen, O2 arena

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